Shameless: White House Uses Michelle Photo Op to Play Race Card


The propaganda doesn’t get more blatant than this.

Check out the image above posted to the White House Flickr feed last week of the First Lady’s trip to Topeka to visit the Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site.

Via the Yahoo News article “Michelle Obama Photograph a Stark Reminder of Segregation Era” [AUTHOR NOTES ADDED]:

As the first lady toured the site with Stephanie Kyriazis [A WHITE PERSON], its chief of interpretation and education, she posed [THE OPERATIVE WORD] for a striking photograph that serves as a stark reminder of the segregation era.

The image, taken by White House photographer Chuck Kennedy, was posted to the White House Flickr feed this week.

Of course it was. I’m surprised the Obamas didn’t get copies printed off and mailed to the home of every American, too.

(Hat Tip: Red Flag News)

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