Believe it or not, reports are that Chelsea Clinton is a b*^#h just like her momma.  Some say she could be worse.  This comes as no surprise to those who have worked with her or at least tried to.  They say she was unpleasant and unapproachable and no one cared to work with her.

She went to NBC, where she acted more like Queen Victoria than a failed news person.  (Which is what she was.  She was paid 600k to get zero ratings)  She refused to talk to anyone but producers.  If you had anything to say to her, you had to go to a producer and tell him or her to tell Chelsea.  In television, where all show employees are treated like family, this must have been like an extended visit by your crazy Aunt Sophie.

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Evidently, she saved the best for last and when she became vice chair of the board to the Clinton Foundation, she started an exodus towards the door.  Former co workers at the Clinton Foundation found her impossible to work with.  Never had so many people fought to leave one place at one time since Moses parted the Red Sea.  Even getting dismissed was changed forever.  Instead of saying someone was fired, it’s said that someone has been evicted from Hell.

Courtesy of Red Statements.