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Last week, I unveiled the content of an email from a former Lt. General who had very grave concerns about Jade Helm. In a subsequent email, this same source expressed concern over series of possible nuclear detonations on American soil.

“My (and others) greatest fear is that rouge elements within the numerous federal agencies will unleash targeted nuclear detonations within several U.S. cities… But no one knows how many of the weapons are actually in play”.

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I held on to this information, because at the time, I feared the information too volatile and lacked collaborative proof. However, within the context of developing events that have unfolded this week, I have been forced to reconsider my original position.

DoD Expects a Nuclear Attack Upon America

Shawna Sterling sent me a communication which detailed how ISIS, according to a DoD report, is planning a nuclear attack on American soil.

Shawna found DoD documents that revealed ISIS ability to attack the United States. ISIS is presently boasting about their capabilities to nuke America within the next 12 months.

I have documented how ISIS has a safe retreat in Mexico just a few miles from the Texas border. Originally, Judicial Watch broke the story and now we have two independent collaborations from Mexican officials. The newly discovered DoD documents magically disappeared after Sterling found them but she was able to reconstitute the file (please note the DoD has erased the file after this article was publised).

Sterling questioned why the DoD would want to keep this information from the public as she speculates that someone who has infiltrated the DoD doesn’t want the public to know about the nuclear detonation plans of ISIS because U.S. forces “could use the information to defend ourselves from the coming attacks”. Sterling also alleges a deliberate and treasonous stand down of our security forces in order to increase our vulnerability. Why else would the DoD attempt to obscure these documents from the public?

More Confirmation of a Coming Nuclear Attack Assisted by the “Dumb” Mexican Government

More confirmation for the coming nuclear attack at the hands of ISIS comes from Mac Salvo as he has recently reported that for the third time in less than a year Mexican officials report that security surrounding the storage and transportation of nuclear material in the troubled state has been compromised. According to Yahoo News, civil defense officials revealed that a vehicle carrying a lethal dose of radioactive Iridium-192 was hijacked by unknown thieves. Was it hijacked or did the Mexican government let it be hijacked? After all, nothing goes on inside Mexican borders without the permission of the government especially when the drug cartels are involved. And we know that at the ISIS base camp, only eight miles from El Paso that the Sinaloa drug cartel is using their coyotes to provide intelligence to ISIS on high value terrorist targets inside of the United States.

Salvo also reported that last year a truck carrying deadly Cobalt-60 was stolen and in a related event, last June, armed gunmen raided a research facility near Mexico City making off with a device containing Cesium-137. Smart money would be on the fact that these are drug cartel activities and the beneficiaries are their Middle East terrorist friends.

Follow the chain of custody which clearly describes how ISIS has gained access to the United States. Our southern border is completely wide open and groups like the Sinoloa drug cartel, MS 13 and ISIS are coming into the country in great numbers.

It has been admitted to in the main stream media, since 2007, that the Mexican drug cartels are openly involved in Middle Eastern terrorist groups. My DEA source has implicated the Peruvian drug cartel, the Sanchez-Peredes cartel as the arms and drug supplier to the Sinoloa cartel. The Sanchez-Peredes get their arms from Hamas and are also tied into the Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaeda and Hezbollah (i.e. the CIA-created ISIS as exposed in detail by ARSOF’s Scott Bennett).

It would appear that the ISIS is attempting to double down on their attempts to obtain SEVERAL nuclear devices from multiple sources at the same time as ISIS claims that it has enough money to purchase a nuclear weapon from Pakistan and carry out an attack inside the United States next year.

nuclear meltdown just ahead

ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood Are Starting Their Own U.S. Political Party

There is now clear and convincing evidence  that ISIS is involved in a two pronged attack upon the United States as they are involved in the formation of a new political party within the United States (see below). This is clearly a post-collapse strategy which will be implemented following the economic demise of the United States as Sharia Law will replace the United States Constitution. What demise you ask? The kind of an economic demise that follows an $18 trillion dollar deficit, a $240 trillion dollar unfunded in liabilities and the estimated $1.5 quadrillion dollar derivatives debt. The BDI is at an all-time low, Memorial Day weekend sales were horrendous. Tick, tick, tick, it is just a matter of time.

Investors Business Daily (IBD) reports on a very disturbing effort by a group that is attempting to sell itself as simply a Muslim coalition. The Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS are actively working towards developing a third political party, “turning Muslims into an Islamic voting bloc.” This would be a move in the direction of implementing Sharia Law as the law of the land in the United States. Among the groups involved in this attempted takeover of the American political system and destruction of America as we know it is the Washington-based CAIR. This group has been directly linked to the terrorist group Hamas not just in the way of verbal support, but financial support as well. Notice how the same groups keep surfacing? Hamas? Hezbollah? ISIS?

How Does Jade Helm Factor In?

When America finally meets its economic Armageddon and ISIS has expended whatever nuclear stockpile that it can manage to obtain, Jade Helm will be in place to restore order, the New World Order.

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Dave Hodges is the Editor and Host of The Common Sense Show.