As noted by the New York Post , the New York Times has let it slip that the real goal of the $15 dollar an hour wage is to drive cheap fast food restaurants out of business. And as they said:

“The restaurant industry . . . will not go down without a fight.”

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But, I thought that all the businesses affected by the minimum wage were just greedy and could easily afford the wages they should have been paying all along?  I guess that wasn’t true.  That certainly wasn’t the case for Z Pizza in Seattle.  Z Pizza employed 11 workers, who were convinced their lives would be better since they would now be making the astronomical sum of $15 an hour.  The owner, Ritu Shah Burnham, tried everything.  She laid off workers, cut hours and even quit paying herself a salary, but in the end, she was forced to close her doors.  You see, while most businesses her size had six years before paying the $15, she had only two because she owns a franchise.  She got nailed on Obamacare for the same reason.

Liberals in their infinite wisdom (cough cough) decided that a small franchisee should be lumped together with all the the franchisees and company owned restaurants.  To me, this is further proof that the goal is to destroy them.  I mean, what difference is there between a franchise restaurant owner with 11 employees and any other pizza joint with 11 employees? This is Michelle Obama’s lunches for adults.  The same liberals who demand the right to choose to kill innocent babies, are unwilling to give you the right to decide what to eat.

You can start with an arugula salad topped with bean sprouts and nutritious insect infested lettuce.  Then a nice tofu patty in the shape of a t-bone steak and a side order of celery fries and steamed tree bark, followed by non dairy ice cream with the texture of a cardboard box for dessert.  Of course that’s just for the masses of the great unwashed.  The liberal elites will be enjoying shrimp salad and lobster topped off with a chocolate mousse.

Welcome to Obamaland.

Courtesy of Red Statements.