The federal judge who is hearing the House case against Obama for arbitrarily changing the provisions in the Obamacare bill passed by democrats ripped Obama’s lawyers and embarrassed them in open court as they tried to get the case tossed out because they say the House can’t show damage in the case.  The judge, U.S. District Judge Rosemary Collyer, was incredulous and repeatedly asked Obama’s lawyers if Obama could overturn an act of Congress merely because he didn’t agree with it.

Justice Department lawyers argued that US demands that the House show damage in order to have standing.  Judge Collyer interrupted asking:

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“So it is your position that if the House of Representatives affirmatively voted not to fund something … then that vote can be ignored by the administration, because after all, no one can sue them?”

Obama’s lead attorney,  Joel McElvain, told the judge that he wasn’t arguing the merits of the case, only that the House could not point to any damages caused by Obama’s actions.  (This is the part I really love)  Judge Collyer then turned to McElvain and said :

“I’m not asking you to give me your brief. I want you to explain … why it’s not an insult to the Constitution?”

(Time Out…When I write about the courts and Obama , I get so many comments that nothing will happen….Obama won’t listen….I just want to say, “Bullshit”  Obama pushes around the media and the RINOs in the Senate and House, but when it comes to the courts, he gets his ass kicked. The average success rate for the first 44 presidents stands at 70%.  Obama’s is a mere 28% and he has suffered no less than 20 9-0 unanimous losses at the Supreme Court level.  Remember these stats…They’re important to know)

McElvain then made the absurd claim that if congress didn’t like the changes Obama has made, they can write new legislation.  Either McElvain is the dumbest person in the world or he thinks the judge is.  Congress cannot enact any law without the signature of the president, which means he is advocating for the president to write the law and congress is inconsequential.  The House lawyer is making the simple point that the House has the power of the purse.

Although the judge appears to be very sympathetic to the House’s suit, she says she hasn’t made up her mind yet.  Wanna bet?

Courtesy of Red Statements.