The White House is in a state of shock after receiving word that the US is halfway to a new recession.  They were so dazed, they actually blamed Man Made Global Cooling. The GDP for the first quarter was originally announced as a gain of .2%.  Then that number was revised to a drop of .7%.  The definition of a recession is when the GDP comes in at a negative number for two quarters in a row.  That means we are officially halfway to a new recession.

The delicious irony is that after Obama decided to honor our troops by having his picture taken eating ice cream and declaring that global warming is a bigger danger to the US than ISIS, he blamed the bad numbers on extremely cold and snowy weather.  (His administration also believes Patriots are a bigger danger than ISIS. DHS determines that people who love their country and constitution are more dangerous than ISIS.)  That’s right.  The incredibly late winter weather that included tons of snow and bitterly cold weather , which was caused by global warming (chuckle) destroyed The One’s perfect economy.  Illegal aliens don’t know where their next food stamp is coming from.

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Jason Furman, the Chairman of Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers, also said that if congress would only pass the TPP, it would lead to more exports and a better economy. Really?  We can compete abroad with countries who let the market decide on prices and labor costs as our country moves to a $15 dollar “living wage” for the few people left with jobs.  I think it’s more likely we would improve the ecomies of the other countries in the TPP, than our own.  It will also allow Obama to bring in an unlimited amount of new immigrants.  WARNING. WARNING. DANGER DANGER. The Trans-Pacific Partnership is Really About Opening Borders Without Control.

The administration urges all voters to ignore the economy behind the curtain.

Courtesy of Red Statements.