The House Oversight Committee heard from the mainstream media yesterday and no one would have expected the things they were saying.  They were loud.  They were mad.  They were demanding that members of the Obama administration go to jail for disobeying the law.  One of the most vocal critics of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) as defined by the Obama administration was David McCraw, the assistant general counsel of the New York Times.

McCraw said that the Obama administration stalls and stalls and the only way to get them to comply with the law is to sue them, which is a waste of taxpayer’s money.  It also forces news agencies to incur needless expenses related to that same litigation.  He also noted that it meant that an ordinary citizen trying to find out what his country was up to was out of luck unless they were wealthy and could afford to go to court.  That is not why the FOIA was passed.  It was passed to make it easy for any everyday voter to find out how his government is functioning.

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Sharyl Attkisson was also on hand and she, along with Newsweek Finance Editor Leah Goodman, declared that the only way to resolve the problem is through prosecuting employees responsible for withholding the information requested.  That might be easier said than done.  You see, just after Obama took office there was an email sent to each part of the government, telling them that any FOIA request had to be cleared by the White House.  Jason Chaffetz held up a copy of that memo and pointed out that there was no such provision within the FOIA law.

Goodman told the committee point blank:

“Our role of objectively reporting the facts has been increasingly blocked,  There is a motive for unresponsiveness and unaccountability.”
Whoa, this is big.  A member of the far leftist Newsweek magazine implying that there are nefarious reasons why Obama does not want people knowing the truth about what he’s doing.  That’s like a farmer telling you that vegetables are bad for you.  Michelle would be beside herself.

Vice investigative reporter Jason Leopold told House committee members that there is no penalty for breaking the law and therefore, it just gets harder and harder to get information.  It’s amazing that the same people who have given Obama cover for the past six years plus are now starting to grumble about his lawlessness.  I guess it’s a matter of whose ox is gored.  Or perhaps they figure with just over a year and a half to go, there isn’t much Obama can do in the area of reprisals.

This is a rare opportunity for republicans to go after the Obama administration without the heavy handed press defending the administration.  They can’t.  They’ve gone on record.  Let’s just hope they have the cojones to do it.

Courtesy of Red Statements.