The policies of the DHS concerning illegal aliens is resulting in the unnecessary murders of American citizens.  In 2013 alone, the DHS released 36,007 dangerous illegal aliens, which resulted in 116 murder convictions , 15,635 convictions for DUI (The number of fatalities from these offenses are not tracked by the FBI because it would hurt Obama’s plan to repopulate America with third world thugs) and another 9,187 convictions for dangerous drugs.  So, in one year alone 36,007 released illegals accounted for 24,938 serious crimes and the deaths of well over 100 Americans.

The DHS claims that their hands are tied and they are forced by law to release these thugs into our communities because of our laws.  Would it surprise you to learn that is a lie?  The truth is that at least 57% of the releases were done at the discretion of the DHS.  Last year the DHS released an illegal alien using their discretion that went on to murder 4 people in North Carolina.  They released him despite the knowledge that he was a gang member.

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The DHS also points out that those discretionary releases must wear an ankle bracelet and are tracked.  That part is true, but what they don’t tell you is that in fiscal year 2014, ICE placed 41,000 illegals on monitoring.  Of that 41,000, 30,000 violated the terms of their release over 300,000 times.  That means of the 75% of illegals who violated their monitoring terms, they averaged 10 violations apiece.

Since the FBI fails to track crimes committed by illegal and even legal immigrants, we really don’t know the extent of their crimes.  But in studies of the prison population in the United States, both legal and illegal immigrants comprise a large percentage of those incarcerated.

This comes from a Pew Study:

  • DHS states that it has identified 221,000 non-citizens in the nation’s jails. This equals 11 to 15 percent of the jail population. Non-citizens comprise only 8.6 percent of the nation’s total adult population.
  • The Federal Bureau of Prisons reports that 26.4 percent of inmates in federal prisons are non-U.S. citizens. Non-citizens are 8.6 percent of the nation’s adult population. However, federal prisons are not representative of prisons generally or local jails.

Notice the huge difference in what the DHS reports as opposed to that of the Federal Bureau of prisons?  Now, why do you suppose that is?  Perhaps because if Americans knew the truth, they’d be pushing back against the massive immigration incursions allowed by the Obama caliphate.  The other thing I want you to consider is those numbers would be much higher if Obama would imprison these illegal lawbreakers instead of sending them out into the general population.

Obama is saying, “If you don’t like your criminal illegal alien neighbor, you can keep them anyway.”

Courtesy of Red Statements.