The Washington Times has released a story that ties Obama to a plan to continue support to the Muslim Brotherhood.  The document known as Presidential Study Directive-11, or PSD-11, outlines Obama’s support for the Muslim Brotherhood, claiming they are more moderate than Al Qaeda or ISIS.  That may be true but Mark David Chapman is less violent than Charley Manson, but they are both still murderers.  Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt have all added the Muslim Brotherhood to their terror lists. Obama, by comparison, removed them from ours.

The United Arab Emirates took it a step further and named two groups as support groups for the Muslim Brotherhood.  They are Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Muslim American Society.  Right now, Egypt is facing a tough decision on whether they should put former Muslim Brotherhood President Mohamed Morsi to death.  If they execute him, he could become a martyr but if they jail him for life, they risk a jail break, which has become quite common for terrorist groups these days.

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The  PSD-11 outlines Obama’s plans to use the Muslim Brotherhood to help keep the area in peace but critics say that the Muslim Brotherhood is just a wolf dressed as a sheep. Several people and news organizations have requested the  PSD-11 through the Freedom of Information Act but they have been rebuffed by the Obama administration, who refuses to give it up.  Obama has throughout his administration, operated under the principle that the best way to achieve peace is by using moderate Islamists.  The problem with that plan is the fact that there is no such thing as a moderate Islamist.  The Muslim Brotherhood believes in Jihad but they are clever enough to hide their intentions.  The Egyptian people rejected them even after they were duly elected, when Morsi tried to claim dictatorial powers like Obama has.

Center for Security Policy chief, Frank Gaffney believes the Brotherhood might just be one of the more dangerous groups in the region.  The Egyptian people mistrust America because after the fall of Morsi, they found out the CIA had been working closely with the Brotherhood and Obama had sent them military equipment and cash to help bolster their regime.  And even though it was a populist uprising that led to the ouster of Morsi and the Brotherhood, Obama continued to support them and has kept the current government at arm’s length, even insisting that the Brotherhood should have a prominent role in the future of Egypt.  The Egyptians refused.

Currently, the Muslim Brotherhood has stepped up it’s terrorist operations in Egypt and are trying to get a foothold, even as their former leaders have been condemned to death in the Egyptian courts.

We have to wonder if Obama could be behind this resurgence.  He has armed dangerous terrorists before and he has many friends in the Muslim Brotherhood, not only in Egypt but within his administration.

Courtesy of Red Statements.