In what has to be the most idiotic lawsuit in history, failed black and Hispanic teachers are suing the state of New York because they failed to score high enough on the teacher evaluation to get their license to teach.  Their argument is that “there is no clear evidence strong literacy skills are essential for a teacher.”  Say what?  You know what the worst part is?  These failed teachers are about to reap millions of dollars in back pay, some as far back as 2004 and extending into 2012.

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The Judge is Kimba M. Wood.  Wood was once nominated as a U.S. Attorney general by Bill Clinton but failed to get the position due to the fact she had an illegal alien working for her as a nanny.  She did pay all the associated taxes for the nanny.  Wood determined that the test must be racist since blacks and Hispanics passed at a 54% rate but whites passed at a 75% rate.

Questions on the test that were considered racist, like the one that quoted four sections of the constitution and the teacher applicant had to decide which one was an example of checks and balances.  (Could this possibly explain why Obama can’t seem to follow the constitution?)  Another racist question, was one that gave the teacher applicants four math examples and they had to say what the math principle behind the problems were.  Oh, I can see those questions are just so racist.  We’d better call in Loretta Lynch and Al Sharpton to investigate.  By the way, the reason I said the complaining failures will win their suit is because the judge in that case is Kimba Wood.  Nuff said? Maybe the 25% of whites who failed can call in the mainstream media to prove they are really white Hispanics.

After all, teachers don’t never need to speak goodly in order to edumacate yure chilren.

Courtesy of Red Statements.