Texas Federal Judge Andrew Hanen has placed an injunction against Obama and his unconstitutional amnesty program designed to legalize 4.6 million illegal aliens.  So, here comes George Soros to the rescue and places 8 million dollars into his group, Open Society, the same group he used to finance the Ferguson riots.  They are buying computers and other things for various groups that are signing up illegal aliens ostensibly to keep them from deportation.  I CALL BULLSHIT!!!  Obama isn’t even deporting violent criminal illegals.

Because of the injunction against Obama’s caliphate, they cannot pre-sign up illegals who would be eligible for his amnesty if approved by the Supreme Court, which would be no sooner than June of 2016.  So liberal groups are signing them up now, which is not illegal and the moment SCOTUS gives approval (Which they won’t) they could turn their database over to Obama, so they can receive Social Security cards and three year work permits before a new president is sworn in.  It would be practically impossible to revoke them at that time and by the time the permits run out they will be scattered and untraceable.

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Obama has already spent 27 million setting up a system for issuing SS cards and work permits.  They have already rented a building at a cost of 7.8 million a year which now sits almost empty.  The next year’s rent will be due long before SCOTUS rules on the case and by that time taxpayers will have paid out nearly 40 million that will go to waste once SCOTUS rules Obamnesty unconstitutional.

Since taking office, Obama has been working night and day between vacations and rounds of golf to turn the United States into a third world country.  He hates America and all it stands for and thinks the world would suddenly be fine if it were to disappear forever.

Courtesy of Red Statements.