Oh, boy.  I can see what’s coming a mile away.  We are about to get inundated by black activists, mainstream media, liberal politicians and dozens of organizations funded by George Soros, demanding that applicant’s prior bad acts should not disqualify them from being police officers.  If you disagree you are a racist.  Police forces will be forced to hire black ex-convicts by Loretta Lynch and her Injustice Dept.  Some enterprising black convicts will join the force where they can sell protection to the pimps and drug dealers. Some will get caught and then the defenders will come out of the woodwork saying that they are extremely isolated incidents.

Bill Bratton, the chief of police in New York City said this to a reporter.  He said because of the large percentage of blacks in New York that have committed crimes and have spent time in jail or prison, it is difficult at best to hire more black officers.  Bratton has said that he would love to have more officers on the street.  Indeed, Bratton has implemented several programs to try to increase the amount of black officers.  Even so, he has been criticized by black “leaders” for being unable to do so.

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Many black leaders accuse the “stop and frisk” program for decreasing the pool of eligible candidates.  Bratton denies that and says the department does not factor those stops in their decision, when interviewing applicants.

Some leaders are attacking what is best known as the “broken window” policing effort.  This was started by former mayor Rudi Giuliani.  It was his theory that if you stopped the petty crimes, there would be less major crimes.  His detractors laughed at him, but crime fell dramatically during his time in Gracie Mansion, the living quarters of New York’s mayor.

Just wait.  The rage is coming.

Courtesy of Red Statements.