I am the kind that loves to say I told you so.  It’s a flaw in my character.  On April 21st of this year, I predicted that Obama’s trade agreement would allow limitless immigration and that congress could pass a law to change it.

WARNING. WARNING. DANGER DANGER. The Trans-Pacific Partnership is Really About Opening Borders Without Control

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Many liberals called me a liar, a moron and a troll.  Thanks to Wikileaks, I have been vindicated.  Wikileaks has been releasing chapters of the TPA as they get their hands on them and guess what?  There is a chapter on immigration.  Breitbart News took the chapter on immigration to experts in the field to translate the text.  What they found was in the text of the TiSA documents (Trade in Services Act) which is part of the agreement changes US immigration law by removing the responsibility on determining who can enter the country from congress to the Obama caliphate.

As I noted in my previous article, once the agreement is signed, congress cannot alter the details, which is why I called republicans voting for the bill as traitors to conservatism and the wishes of the vast majority of American citizens.  So, how did those who actually read the bill get fooled?  Simple.  Although they could review the main TPA bill, the TiSA documents are not allowed to be viewed.  The text of the document also allows Obama to change the conditions without congressional input.

Since a trade agreement is basically a treaty, congress cannot pass any laws that interfere with the agreement and the Supreme Court can only stop it if it violates the constitution, which it wouldn’t because congress in approving the trade agreement would be deferring all future decisions to the president.

Rosemary Jenks, the Director of Government Relations at Numbers USA in an interview with Breitbart News said:

“The existence of these ten pages on immigration in the Trade and Services Agreement make it absolutely clear in my mind that the administration is negotiating immigration – and for them to say they are not – they have a lot of explaining to do based on the actual text in this agreement.”

“This Trade and Services Agreement is specifically mentioned in TPA as being covered by fast-track authority, so why would Congress be passing a Trade Promotion Authority Act that covers this agreement, if the U.S. weren’t intended to be a party to this agreement – so at the very least, there should be specific places where the U.S. exempts itself from these provisions and there are not.”

Although the TiSA is just a draft, so is the entire TPA bill and has been negotiated over six years and is close to completion with only minor details left to be worked out.  Perhaps the most troubling item in those 10 pages is that all work visas must be approved within 30 days.  If you run background checks, it is rare to get it done in 30 days, meaning that the visas would have to be approved without being able to check out those receiving the visas.

Only the House stands in Obama’s way.  Oy vey, are we in deep shit?

Courtesy of Red Statements.