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Several whistleblowers testified on Thursday to the harsh and even illegal retaliation methods used against them by the Obama caliphate.  They even directly violated the constitution.  It is dismaying but not surprising that the caliphate would try to destroy good government workers.  The most egregious case is that of Senior Special Agent for the Department of Homeland Security, Taylor Johnson.

Johnson was investigating the controversial EB-5 visa program.  The EB-5 program was set up to encourage foreign investors in businesses inside the United States.  The investors would get a visa allowing them to live in the United States.  There were two conditions.  They had to invest at least $500k and they had to pass a background check.  The problem is that the DHS was approving people who failed the background check and in fact were considered security risks.

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They were all approved by a manager by the name of Alejandro Mayorkas and most if not all were Chinese nationals.  The requests for the visas came from Harry Reid in favor of his largest contributor, Sandy Alderson and his casino operation.  The other company was GreenTech which was run by current Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe and Anthony Rodham, brother of Hillary Clinton.  Afterwards, Obama nominated Mayorkas for the number 2 position at the DHS, which Harry Reid rammed through the Senate.

As Johnson was investigating, she determined that the IG was correct in suspecting that Mayorkas had acted unethically if not illegally.  That’s when they lowered the boom on her. She wasn’t just removed from the investigation, she was moved to an entirely different facility, where the DHS harbors criminals.  The DHS pulled her credentials and took away her gun and even told her she could not own a gun in her private life, which is a direct violation of her constitutional rights.

It gets worse.  Social workers who were doing a check on Johnson in order to approve her custody of her one year old child, the social workers were told that Johnson no longer worked for them (a lie) and had been fired for a criminal offense.  (Also a lie)  As a result, she almost lost custody of her child.  The caliphate’s fingerprints are all over this.  They could have simply transferred her but instead, they tried to destroy her.

This is what happens when you elect a corrupt candidate for the presidency.

Courtesy of Red Statements.