It has been revealed that Marilyn Mosby’s father, of whom speaks about often as proof that she loves cops, was dirty and was fired from the Boston police force for robbing drug dealers of their drugs and cash.  He and his partner, Dwight Allen, along with another unnamed officer,  would be drunk and pull their badges and guns on drug dealers and would rob them.  They called themselves as the “renegade police.”   James Mosby was arrested at a Dorchester police station and charged with assault and battery against drug dealers.  They were later acquitted of the charges, likely because the drug dealers refused to testify.  But James was fired for conduct unbecoming an officer.

Her grandfather was also involved in some controversy although he was an honest cop. Prescott Thompson, Mosby’s grandfather lost an eye when a car battery exploded and he was fitted with a glass eye.  Thompson had wanted to be a policeman since he was 14 years old and he desperately wanted to remain on the force.  After he retired due to his injury, he applied to rejoin the force.  His application was denied and and he received a note pointing out that two good eyes were required to be a cop.

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Thompson sued the police and in his filing he pointed out that other officers with vision in one eye were on the force.  It was pointed out that the other officers were not working at law enforcement at the street level.  They were clerks and other support personnel. Thompson lost his suit.

Perhaps what happened with her father has shaped her life.  She feels so guilty about her father shaking down drug dealers that she has decided to get revenge by shaking down cops.

The rotten apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

Courtesy of Red Statements.