Fredricka Whitfield , an anchor for CNN was describing the attacker on the Dallas police station as “courageous and brave”, when she caught herself and added “if not crazy as well.”  The gap between the two parts of her statement betrays her true feelings but also shows she isn’t willing to lose her job over it.  On another station, she would, but not CNN. (AKA: Clinton News Network)

I don’t see what is so courageous or brave about opening up and firing an automatic weapon through the windows of a police station, but then again, you have to realize I am not a devil worshiping CNN anchor.  Their brains are wired differently.  If you pull a strong arm robbery you are a gentle giant and a hero, but if you are a police officer fighting off an attack by a common thug, you are a murderer.  It’s the same with their belief that no matter how many people you butcher, you don’t deserve the death penalty, but if you are a precious, innocent unborn child, no amount of brutality is unjustified.

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Speaking of that, perhaps we should change strategies.  What if we were to call them “guest children” or “undocumented babies”?  Just a thought.

The shooter has been tentatively been identified as James Boulware, and that his motive is that he blamed the Dallas police for losing custody of his son.  His father said that he had tried to reason with his son, telling him the police were only doing their job.  He became alarmed when his son purchased surplus from the Pickens County Sheriff’s Department in Northwest South Carolina.  Two years ago Boulware lost custody of his son after making threats against family members after he stocked up on guns and body armor.

Here is a video of the standoff and Boulware ramming a police cruiser:

Courtesy of Red Statements.