Since it has been revealed that  Rachel Dolezal, head of the Spokane NAACP is really white, people have been trying to find out just who she is and how she became America’s first transracialist.  She is a black woman trapped in a white privileged body.  She knew from an early age that she was different from the other children.  (Scientists are now looking for a gene that makes a person a transracialist)  Being black apparently isn’t the only thing she has lied about.  When she was asked why she decided to take on a black persona, she answered, “Because I don’t have high cheekbones.”

She even made up her own family history.  She claimed that she and her family lived in a teepee in Montana (Even though she doesn’t have high cheekbones) and her family hunted for food with bows and arrows.  This I don’t understand.  Shouldn’t she have claimed that she lived in a mud hut and they hunted with poisoned darts fired through very long blowguns?  She said that after living in Montana, her family moved to Colorado and then South Africa.  Her family says that is a lie.  (No s*^t?)

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Ben Shapiro of Breitbart News says that she is an adjunct professor of African studies at Eastern Washington University.  At the university she teaches about African-American studies, as well as classes including “African and African American Art History, African History, African American Culture, The Black Women’s Struggle, and Intro to Africana Studies at EWU.”

Dolezal got her masters degree at Howard University where she learned to be a licensed diversity trainer.

She has claimed that she was abused by her parents after they moved to South Africa. They would beat her with a baboon whip that is usually utilized to chase baboons from the villages there.  (Her parents are under the belief that they never lived in South Africa)  Of course her ex-husband abused her and her two year old son would try to defend her.

Also, like all liberal women, she was raped.  And like all liberal women this accusation appears to be questionable.  She told the Easterner, a Washington state based newspaper:

One of Doležal’s paintings was at a convention center in San Francisco, where her and a trusted mentor went out to dinner together to celebrate the sale. As soon as Doležal looked away, the mentor slipped gamma-hydroxybutyric acid, also called the “date-rape drug,” into her drink. According to Doležal, her mentor took advantage of her that night. She said suing was nearly impossible due to the amount of wealth the man had. “I can never trust anyone to bring me a drink again, you know, because it was a trusted person.”  She never filed a police report or went to any hospital.

Dolezal tells people her blond hair is the result of cervical cancer and it’s treatment.  She tried to pass off her black adopted brother as her son.  And naturally, she continually claims she has been the target of racism.  There was the instance when a swastika was painted on a door at her university, where the police found that the surveillance camera had been conveniently shut off.  She reported receiving hate mail but when the police investigated, they found the parcel did not have a date stamp or bar code it should have had if it had gone through the post office.   It was also noted that the letter could have only appeared in her box if someone with a key put it there, like the USPS or Dolezal.

When she was asked whether she had placed the letter there herself, she exploded saying, “That’s such bullshit. What mother would terrorize her own children?”  Well, my guess it would be the kind of mother who claimed be black to have been raised in a tent and who hunted for her food with a bow and arrow while being brutalized with a baboon whip.  Of course, that is only my theory.

From Shapiro’s article:

Kurt Neumaier of the Kootenai County Task Force on Human Relations, where Dolezal worked for three years, now says he doubts all of her claims as to hate crimes. He also says she wasn’t properly vetted.

I think we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg here.

Courtesy of Red Statements.