Michelle Obama visited a section of London, known to be a hotbed of Islamic extremism. She preached the empowerment of women to hijab clad girls who suffer from genital mutilation and suppression under Muslim religious beliefs.  There has been no word on whether she passed hashtags or not.  Her appearance at the Mulberry School for Girls, followed other conferences with people like minded with the Obamas, including “War on Want”, a group with strong ties to anti-Israeli groups.   “Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament” a group sympathetic to the communist cause has also been there.

The town that Michelle visited, Tower Hamlets, had for quite a while had a Muslim extremist mayor who was removed from office only days before.  The majority of the residents are Muslims and there is little in the way of diversity. Many were surprised that she would choose such an odd venue in which to speak.  I think she wanted to speak to supporters of her husband’s policies but in her speech she answered the question:

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“When I look out at all these young women, I see myself. In so many ways your story is my story.  I know I don’t look older than you all.”

Obama described the Tower Hamlets area as one with close knit families and strong values.  That may be true but it’s the values they share that are the problem.  Half of all female genital mutilations in Great Britain take place in London and the majority of those occur in Tower Hamlets.  Many of the radicalized Muslims come from that district.  (Michelle probably felt right at home with these people since they resemble Barack’s appointments to his caliphate)

Obama is in the middle of her 273rd vacation, so desperately needed because of the harshness of her job as First Lady.  She is traveling with her mother and two daughters and although you won’t be there, you will get the pleasure for paying for a large chunk of it.

Courtesy of Red Statements.