BOISE (INTELLIHUB) — Shockingly, according to an eyewitness who also captured his encounter on film, a number of large blue shipping containers have recently shown up at “Expo Idaho” from the “United States Department of Relocation.”

If true, and I say this only because the video bears no visual proof tying the containers to the ‘U.S. Dept. of Relocation’, this footage raises yet another red flag ahead of the coming JADE HELM 15 military exercises set to begin July 15 across various southwestern states.

Although the Dept. of Relocation doesn’t pop up on a Google search, it still makes me wonder. If anyone reading this is nearby, please grab some pics and follow up with us.

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“Why does the U.S. Department of Relocation […] which is connected Homeland Security and FEMA have all of these things out here for. I mean look at this shit. Container after container after container. Now ask yourself: what the f@#% are these here for?”, as quoted by the eyewitness.


Additionally two “military transport vehicles […] troop carriers” were revealed, hidden on a back road.

“Plus the other day there was a U.S. Marine who was in full combat gear, had his full combat uniform on, fully loaded, with everything he needed in the Walmart parking lot — and then he got up, went outside and changed his clothes into civilian clothing.”

The man also noted a “very huge increase of military activity in Boise Idaho and Garden City Idaho area.”

Editor’s note: If someone, in the area [Boise], can confirm the containers are indeed marked “U.S. Dept. of Relocation”, with quality high-definition photos, that would be great. Please send any information on this to [email protected] for publication.

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