(INTELLIHUB) — In yet another disgusting display of the new liberal mentality, multiple writers at two prominent liberal news outlets have written articles attacking Christianity while literally promoting Satanists.

The two articles (and many other, similar reports published in smaller leftist publications) come at a time when Christianity is seemingly under attack in America like never before. From calls for taxing churches that don’t publicly support gay marriage to the ongoing push in the liberal media to frame all Christians as bigots, we truly are in the middle of a so-called “culture war.”

Feeling emboldened from the recent Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage, certain liberal talking heads seem to have taken the ruling as an opening to attack Christianity from other angles as well as to openly promote the Church of Satan in the same articles that mock Christians.

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On July 15th, hard left extremist feminist Amanda Marcotte, already infamous in conservative and liberty loving circles for her long history of attacks on Christianity and belief that any accused rapist is most likely automatically guilty, (it’s the “patriarchy”) wrote an article detailing an exchange between Fox News host Megyn Kelly and Lucien Greaves of the Satanic Temple.

The article, chalked full of seemingly purposefully misrepresentations, is essentially a list of how wonderful it is that Satanists are trolling conservatives by first fighting the placement of the Ten Commandments at the Oklahoma State Capitol and then attempting to place a statue of Baphomet there instead.

It also attempts to make Christians and Megyn Kelly look bad because she got angry at having to deal with literal devil worshipers trying to pretend like they are in any way a moral, legitimate religion. Worshiping the devil? No biggie, its just a “secularist” viewpoint.

Obviously, Kelly’s purpose in having Greaves on was not to give a secularist viewpoint a fair hearing, but to drive up Fox News ratings by whipping her conservative audience into a what-is-this-world-coming-to outrage at hearing not only that Satanists exist, but they think they have rights and stuff, just like Christians.

She probably accomplished that goal, but at the expense of making herself look like a fool. She was visibly angry at Greaves, spitting out words like “Satanist” and “pagan” and condescendingly sneering at “your devil figure.”

But to the discerning viewer, Greaves kept the upper hand throughout the segment. As Kelly worked herself up, he calmly made the case for a government that truly respects freedom of religion and does not try to impose a specific belief on citizens. Once again, Satanists show they are the absolute masters at trolling conservatives.

The above quoted section of the article makes clear the tone of the piece which to most Americans would likely seem to be completely backwards. In the new America, the Satanists are the moral, legitimate people and the Christians are the crazies.

Marcotte then goes on to laughably claim that Christianity is not under attack at all.

So much of conservatism is built on this silly notion that the world is out to oppress conservative Christians. The idea that real Satanists are out there just feeds that narrative that the world is out to get them, meaning they can hardly help freaking out and calling even more attention to Satanists.

That’s right, it’s just a silly notion that the liberal media attacks Christians on a daily basis and now feels they can openly promote Satanists.

The article ends with what can only be described as a complete whitewashing of what Satanists actually stand for. One has to wonder why a hard left author feels the need to attempt to completely rewrite history and change the narrative as to what the Church of Satan stands for.

Anyone who has watched even five minutes of conservative “comedy” can tell you that right-wing ideology does not mesh well with a sense of irony, or humor generally. That’s one of the biggest reasons Satanist pranks work so well on them. Let’s be clear: most Satanists do not actually worship Satan. The entire “religion” is very tongue-in-cheek, a way to espouse humanist values while also poking fun at religion. But that’s clearly not evident to many conservatives. In this segment, Kelly can barely contain how angry Satanists make her. Brogdon tries to laugh the whole thing off, but you can also tell he thinks a Baphomet statue is only happening over his dead body.

The sentence, “most Satanists do not actually worship Satan”, was apparently made up on the spot by Marcotte for her report.

“These people are calling themselves ‘satanists’ and they have a political agenda in the name of the devil”

Two days after both Salon and Alternet published Marcottes article, another report appeared on Salon, this time highlighting the supposed travesty in Detroit where Christians have refused to allow a statue of Baphomet to go up in the city unhindered.

In the article, Salon reporter and resident liberal outrage specialist Scott Eric Kaufman, details the fight in downtown Detroit where the Church of Satan plans to place a statue of Baphomet originally intended for Oklahoma.

The tone of the article clearly leans in favor of the Satanists and strongly implies that the Christians who have called for bringing the statue down in any way possible are the bad guys. It also attacks a Pastor in the area who is fighting the Church of Satan.

The statue’s first home in Detroit was to have been Bert’s Market Place, but owner Bert Dearing returned the Satanic Temple’s rental fee after he learned that the group was affiliated with satanists. “When I rented the place, I just thought it was a church,” he told ABC News. “I didn’t know about the unveiling of a statue. We weren’t aware they were into devil worshipping.”

The Satanic Temple’s co-founder Lucien Greaves isn’t buying that, because as he toldHemant Mehta Thursday evening, “the very contract specified that we are the Satanic Temple.”

Greaves believes that Dearing backed out because of pressure from local Christian groups — pressure that would make any venue wary of hosting the unveiling. “IT IS EVERY CHRISTIAN’S DUTY TO DESTROY THIS IF YOU SEE IT DESTROY THIS STATUE DESTROY THIS STATUE DESTROY THIS STATUE” reads one Facebook post Greaves provided to Mehta. “Let’s burn the statue down!” reads another.

The person responsible for this campaign, Greaves told Salon, is most likely Pastor David Bullock of the St. Matthew Baptist Church. “The last thing we need—in a city where we’re fighting against violence and fighting against economic problems and unemployment and the water crisis—is a statue dedicated to Satan right downtown,” Bullock told Christianity Today earlier this week. “They’re bringing a Baphomet statue to the city of Detroit valorising, elevating Satan. This is not even a real religion in my estimation.”

While the article isn’t as straightforward of an attack as Marcotte’s, it still begs the question – Why does a prominent liberal news outlet feel it needs to take and promote the side of Satanists against Christians?

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In the new America it is apparently a bad thing for news anchors to be outraged at the Church of Satan and for Christians to fight the placement of a statue of Baphomet in a city already destroyed by a massive economic collapse.

But hey, don’t you go and get all crazy on us, Christians are absolutely not under attack!

About the Author:

Alex Thomas is a reporter who has worked in the alternative media for over three years. His work has been featured on numerous news outlets including Infowars and RT. Alex is an exclusive weapon of Intellihub.