Untitled drawing (96)As I continue witnessing this downward spiral of America’s machinated decline by design, it cuts to the marrow how much my country has changed just in the intervening years since my own youth to this destination we’ve arrived at now collectively as the greatest nation in the history of the world. When you find yourself reading an inconceivable headline in 21st Century America about an organization engaged in a practice so heinous that it involves killing living unborn babies in their mothers wombs, then cutting them up for the purpose of selling their parts to the highest bidder, for profit…There’s not enough words in the English vocabulary to express the emotional tempest of abhorrence and anger something like that evokes. Yet just as disturbing and angering are all of these so-called civilized people who rush to defend this hideous practice and the depraved organization responsible, Planned Parenthood. Including Barack Obama himself, which is really no surprise from the man who ‘God blessed’ this same organization during an address he delivered in 2013 and who -while still serving as an Illinois State Senator- had opposed several times the Illinois Born Alive Infant Protection Act. A bill meant to protect and care for those babies born alive in the course of botched abortion attempts to terminate their lives.


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But that’s only one blow delivered in a succession of relentless strikes that have become ubiquitous in our headlines anymore it seems like. There’s the Chattanooga, Tennessee shootings that left 5 U.S. servicemen slain on American soil by another Islamic terrorist named Mohammed Abdulazeez. While government officials have been predictably  loathe to apply the motive of Islamic terrorism to this horrific event, as we recently learned of how these men of true honor and distinction sacrificed themselves to protect other potential victims from the rampage of this Islamo-Nazi, anyone with sense recognizes this act of terrorism for precisely what it is.


Law enforcement officials have revealed that at least one of the service members attacked by Chattanooga killer Mohammed Abdulazeez was able to return fire with a handgun – possibly two, as the FBI is said to be examining another weapon recovered from the scene.

An unidentified official also told the New York Times that “some of the five servicemen who were fatally wounded effectively sacrificed themselves during the assault on Thursday, diverting the gunman away from a larger group of potential victims.”

“This could have been a lot worse. It could have been a horrible, horrible massacre – so much worse,” the official said.


pervsAnother disgusting detail to this tragedy that hasn’t escaped the attention of the nation was how it took 5 days following the deaths of these brave men before Obama finally ordered the White House flag to half staff in observance of this senseless tragedy. As Rush candidly observed during the July 21st, 2015 edition of his radio program:

Obama Dragged Kicking and Screaming to Lower White House Flag in Honor of Chattanooga Terror Victims

“He [Obama] finally announced they’re gonna lower the flag at the White House to half staff in honor of the Marines killed in Chattanooga.  They held out as long as they could.  They looked for a motive. They overturned every rock. They looked into every nook and cranny. They were desperate to find anything that they could latch onto that said this had nothing to do with militant Islam, and finally they found just the opposite.  They found evidence that militant Islam is behind this, be it Al-Qaeda or ISIS.  By the way, what does it matter whether it’s ISIS or Al-Qaeda? 

“You know, some of the Drive-Bys are trying to make a big deal, “It wasn’t ISIS. It wasn’t ISIS! It was Al-Qaeda.”  What, is there a difference?  What, do we now like Al-Qaeda?  Is Al-Qaeda somehow not a threat now?  ISIS is the only threat?  Just amazing.  I’m half surprised they didn’t blame all this on Trump trying to take Trump out.”


Never mind that the day of the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent ruling on gay marriage, this administration had arranged for the White House to be bathed in the colors of the gay pride flag the evening of that same day. Another shameless spectacle by this shameless president.

Untitled drawing (54)Which now brings us to this president’s disturbing and questionable obsession with he and members of his administration helping to pave the path for the biggest supporters of State-sponsored Islamic terrorism in the Middle East to eventually acquire nuclear weapons capability. In the transmogrifying details of this ever worsening diplomatic nightmare, it has since been revealed that Obama is not merely content to provide Iran with the means to achieve nuclear weapons capability. Previously undisclosed provisions to this gross act of diplomatic malfeasance have come to light exposing Obama’s intention to utilize both U.S. military resources and other involved international powers to potentially aid in protecting Iran from threats of attack posed by our ally Israel. You know, the Jewish State Iran chronically calls for the utter and complete destruction of in between breaths when they’re not chanting for the death of the United States. Yeah, let that sink in a minute.

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This detail was reported in the July 23rd, 2015 updated article at the jewishpress.com by Tzvi Ben-Gedalyahu:

ObamaDeal: US to Protect Iranian Nuke Sites from Israeli Attack

“ObamaDeal” explicitly states that the United States and the other P5+1 powers can help Iran deflect and even “respond” to sabotage and nuclear threats to its nuclear sites.

The damming evidence that ObamaDeal directly allows Western powers to help Iran to protect its nuclear sites, and possibly even to stage a counter-attack on the source of the threat, is stated in Annex III of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). Congress is reviewing the agreement and has the option to cancel America’s commitments under the deal.

You have to reach page 142 of the JCPOA until you reach “Annex III: Civil Nuclear Cooperation,” where Section “D 10 states that the P5+1 “and possibly other states are prepared to cooperate with Iran on the implementation of nuclear security guidelines and best practices. Cooperation in the following areas can be envisaged:

Co-operation in the form of training courses and workshops to strengthen Iran’s ability to prevent, protect and respond to nuclear security threats to nuclear facilities and systems as well as to enable effective and sustainable nuclear security and physical protection systems [boldface added];

Co-operation through training and workshops to strengthen Iran’s ability to protect against, and respond to nuclear security threats, including sabotage, as well as to enable effective and sustainable nuclear security and physical protection systems.


yup2Barack Hussein Obama is a virtual Golden Corral of controversy with yet one more entrée to add to his endless buffet of scandals so far to date. Where Obama is effectively making allies out of our enemies and making enemies out of our allies. It never seems to end with these systematic carte blanche abuses of power to advance an agenda that anyone in a sane world would naturally suspect and find reasonably suspicious regardless of the chromaticity of Obama’s skin. I make extensive rounds in social media. I’ve read comments by thousands of people who, after you parse them together and separate them from those few lunatics who avidly support this president’s treachery, their comments all convey the same astonishment at how such an unqualified and disgraceful specimen for a politician is being given such free rein to commit such overwhelming and deliberate damage.

It goes without saying that some of Obama’s more notorious scandals would see the unquestionable end of any white politicians career. And if said white politician managed to escape criminal prosecution and a lengthy prison sentence in the process they would consider themselves extremely lucky. But after 6 1/2 years of Obama and his subordinates chronic subversion and subjugation of the law, their unrelenting attacks on society and our way of life, madness is all we have to show now for what happens when the keys to the asylum end up in the hands of lunatics.


When you take this latest atrocity of Planned Parenthood and combine it with other cumulative headlines that all seem connected to these orchestrated events meant to advance various agendas all wrapped in political correctness towards one singular objective, it’s not difficult to trace these events back through their respective operatives to the doorstep of the Democratic Party. A Party which I’ve chosen to refer to henceforth as the Nazicratic Party: Bringing 20th Century Nazi Germany to 21st Century America and calling it “progress“. But then they’re far from being alone in this unrelenting assault on our nation.

I’d be remiss if I neglected to mention these Neville Chamberlain, GOP-RINO’s we have for this so-called opposition Party. I mean if you want to call them that. ‘Chickenshits’ is the name that generally comes to my mind when I think about them. Well, that and the follow up question of, “What the hell are we paying these useless assholes for again?” Especially given how they seem to have totally abandoned their own duties and sworn Oaths of office to protect and uphold those laws they’re always fond of telling us Obama has either violated or outright broken. As they continue doing absolutely nothing about it. Which also kind of goes to show their regard for us too. Y’know, we the people they’re suppose to represent. And is it just me or does Obama seem like he’s gotten so emboldened by their willful dereliction that he doesn’t even try to make an effort of pretense in his motives anymore? Why should he I guess. Hell, these RINO’s have all publicly declared they won’t hold Obama accountable for squat, so I suppose that’s just their way of telling the rest of us, “Sucks to be you.”

mccainoSo technically you could say that government does work. Just not for us. That’s one reason why I’m enjoying Donald Trump as much as I am. While I’m a Ted Cruz supporter, I appreciate and admire Trump’s unapologetic, take-no-prisoners approach to this cabal of antagonistic career establishment politicians along with their respective media propagandists. The recent epidemic of RINO apoplexy stemming from Trump’s candid remarks about Arizona Senator John McCain’s past military service sure brought out the long knives and went quite a way towards cementing my already soured opinion of this worthless Republican Party establishment. In the course of their intense engagement, even Fox News was caught in the crossfire as their support of this RINO establishment is hardly a secret. Given their recent hiring of Meghan McCain as a ‘Fox News contributor’, it really calls into question their familiar motto of being “Fair and Balanced”.

But I realize none of what I’ve said here is anything new. Expressing our outrage gets us absolutely nowhere as this one Party aristocracy of usurpive elitist pricks care little for what we think, much less giving a rat’s ass about what we want. I mean we have American citizens being murdered on American soil by illegal aliens with multiple felony convictions in these Democrat run sanctuary cities who flagrantly ignore our nation’s immigration laws, yet apparently Obama can write letters to some inmates in prison, but not to the Steinle family whose 32-year-old daughter Kathryn was gunned down around a month ago by an illegal alien felon.


Nearly two weeks after 32-year-old Kathryn Steinle was murdered on San Francisco’s Pier 14 by an illegal alien and convicted felon who was released from prison earlier this year, President Barack Obama has failed to contact the victim’s family or mention her in public. Yet Obama took the time to write (and release) 46 personal letters this month to felons imprisoned for nonviolent drug offenses whose sentences he has commuted. 

Like the 46 felons to whom Obama wrote, Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez had served time for nonviolent offenses, some of them drug-related. After his arrest, Lopez-Sanchez, who had been deported five times to Mexico, confessed to shooting Steinle as she walked with her family at the popular tourist spot.

Steinle’s murder quickly became an iconic example of violent crime by illegal aliens released from custody under the “sanctuary city” policies embraced by San Francisco and other liberal cities that decline to work with federal immigration officials.


But don’t you dare be a conservative State who has the audacity to pass laws meant to enforce already existing federal immigration laws (laws which Obama refuses to enforce by the way) for the purpose of protecting yourselves against this mass invasion of your sovereignty. Such an act of impudence will be met by Obama’s personal DOJ Gestapo paying a visit and suing you for entertaining such an insolent display of racist intolerance.


Untitled drawingNever mind Obama’s ongoing habitude of arranging for Immigration and Customs Enforcement to continue unleashing thousands of criminal illegal aliens upon us. Illegal aliens convicted of offenses ranging from murder, child molestation and rape. With less egregious offenders thrown into the mix too for good measure and appearances sake. Not many can make much sense or reason behind this. How could you? The only motive critical thought can derive at to explain such a gross act of negligence all point to treachery. How could they not? Oh but we can’t accuse America’s first black president of wrongdoing. Just lawbreaking apparently is all. But nothing we’re going to hold him accountable for tho’. It’s enough to make you go cross-eyed wrapping your mind around so much insanity in a futile effort of trying to make any sense of it. And it just gets worse, and worse, AND worse with each and every day Obama continues to spend in office.



So at the end of the day, who do we turn to for the redress of our grievances as we’ve basically been reduced to the role of spectators in this systematic annihilation to our way of life? All being done with absolute premeditation and malice of forethought by the way. Practically every avenue the American people had to be able to redress their grievances has been subverted and subjugated by radical leftists. I’ve been hearing talk for awhile now of these proposed conventions of the States in an effort to restrict the power, jurisdiction and overreach of the federal government. Sounds good in theory, but it seems that we as the townspeople are still left with the dilemma of Frankenstein’s monster in Washington to contend with so to speak. And that’s contingent on us finding enough people in these States to bring the pitchforks and get the torches lit.

In a way we’ve brought this on ourselves too by having become fat and lazy in our complacency or just otherwise preoccupied and distracted by the more pressing and provincial concerns and responsibilities of day to day life. Foolishly relying on a political system that’s been corrupted for a long time. Even when we’ve known for much of that time that this government was broken. But having allowed the bastardizing stupidity of political correctness to exert the degree of influence it has on our society may well prove to be the final nail in America’s coffin if we don’t hurry up and get our act together.

Untitled drawing (24)After all, does anyone really believe these psychopaths on the left are just going to allow themselves to be removed from having their customary malign influence on our society after all of these decades of time, effort and considerable expense they’ve invested to make the inroads that they have so far? Conventions or no conventions of the States. Does nobody not remember from history what their deranged progenitors did to this nation 150 years ago?!? And that was just from their refusal to abolish the institution of slavery. Or, as some like to argue, State’s Rights, which is pretty much the same difference when you consider Southern Democrats wanted the Right for their respective States to continue keeping blacks enslaved. Either way, it didn’t end well and I believe that’s the outcome we’re fast approaching ourselves. Perhaps.

Only time will tell, but in the meantime what I’d really like to know is what is it going to take before our safety and national security finally takes precedence over Obama’s blackness?