Joining the tooth fairy, unicorns, Santa Claus, and “anti-Muslim paramilitaries” is the moderate Muslim fighting jihad and sharia. The failed fantasy the West has invested everything in — only to come to this place in history.

And still the West won’t give it up.

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Since the birth and growth of the Islamic State (an outgrowth of al Qaeda) back in 2011, I have warned, railed and predicted this horror. I was (and continue to be) attacked, smeared, demonized and marginalized, and yet I am right. About. It. All. I issued the same warnings about Egypt and Libya that same year (2011).

In December 2011, our international organization called upon the United Nations and the international human rights community to act quickly and decisively to save the Christians of Syria, who were being increasingly threatened and victimized by Islamic supremacists.

We were scorned and ridiculed. Hundreds of thousands are now dead.

When Obama was running weapons to jihadists in Syria back in 2012, I warned here of the unimaginable mass slaughter — a genocide — of Christians and religious minorities. I reported in 2012,  “What is going on in Aleppo is not a popular revolution for democracy and freedom. The fighters of the so-called Free Syrian Army are radical Sunnis who want to establish an Islamic state.”

As predicted, Obama’s “moderates” have taken all of our training, weapons and support and have gone to fight in the cause of Islam along with their coreligionists in the Islamic State. Obama tried to sell us on “moderate al qaeda.” He tried to partner with them. Well, they showed him!

al qaeda us aid

Now we see what’s happened to the 50 “recruits” the US managed to scrape up to fight the whole of the Islamic State —

“Obama’s 50 “moderates” trained in $500 million program to fight the Islamic State have disappeared in Syria,” July 28, 2015, thanks to Robert Spencer:

It’s bad enough that $500 million was wasted on this boondoggle, with Republican Congressional approval. It’s bad enough that this lavishly funded program could only attract fifty “moderates” willing to be trained to fight the Islamic State. But now those fifty have compounded the ludicrousness of this entire endeavor by vanishing in Syria. […]

Whatever happened to them, one thing is certain: the U.S. will not end funding for this ridiculous program. If anything, Congress will pour even more taxpayer dollars into it.

“Turkey vows to strike anyone killing civilians in planned free zone,” by Roy Gutman and Duygu Guvenc, McClatchy, July 27, 2015 (thanks to Patrick Poole):

…The dispute over aims has made it almost impossible for the U.S. and other allies to recruit young Syrians under the $500 million U.S. “train and equip” program. Hundreds of recruits reportedly walked off when they were asked to commit to fight only the Islamic State and not the Assad regime.

The first graduates of the course in Turkey, about 50 recruits, rolled into Syria two weeks ago in four wheel drive pickup trucks. But they haven’t been heard from since.

The U.S. goal was to train at least 5,000 fighters against the Islamic State this year alone….

Courtesy of Pamela Geller.