National Abortion Federation files injunction

Planned Parenthood Scandal: Second Abortion Group Tries to Block Release of Sting Videos

A second abortion organization is attempting to block the release of embarrassing videos obtained by the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) – the group behind the Planned Parenthood exposé.

The National Abortion Federation filed an injunction Friday in the US District Court of the Northern District of California against CMP, just two days after bioservice firm StemExpress obtained a court order blocking the release of footage which purportedly shows officials from StemExpress discussing organ harvesting.

Responding to the court order, CMP asserted that, StemExpress was “attempting to use meritless litigation to cover-up this illegal baby parts trade, suppress free speech, and silence the citizen press reporting on issues of burning concern to the American public.”

According to the CMP’s David Daleiden, StemExpress is trying to block the release of the video because it proves babies were born alive before having their organs harvested.

In a press release, the National Abortion Federation stated that it had, “Filed suit today in federal court seeking a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction which would prohibit the Center for Medical Progress (CMP), David Daleiden, and others from releasing recordings and materials they illegally obtained at NAF’s educational meetings.”

“The Center for Medical Progress must have a sting video from National Abortion Federation meetings. And NAF doesn’t want it released!,”writes Jim Hoft.

Thursday, the Center for Medical Progress released another Planned Parenthood video exposé which showed employees pushing aborted baby parts around a petri dish while joking about how the body was “war torn.”

“Another boy!” joked another medical assistant.

The footage shows Rocky Mountains Medical Director Savita Ginde suggesting ways to avoid legal consequences of selling body parts while negotiating a deal based on different body parts, contradicting claims by Planned Parenthood that only transfer and shipping costs are taken into consideration during such negotiations.

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