Woman speaks out after son killed in traffic by illegal alien

mark dice mom of child killed by illegal


(INTELLIHUB) — “A very conservative number is three to five-thousand Americans are killed every year […] eight to thirteen Americans die every single day at the direct hands of an illegal”, said a woman who lost her son in a traffic accident at the hands of an illegal.

“[…] Four years ago my son was taking his girlfriend home on a motorcycle when an illegal who came to this country in 95′ was driving illegally while working illegally, delivering newspapers, made an illegal left hand turn into my son on a motorcycle.” The woman’s son was subsequently put into a coma from the trauma and suffered for four weeks before he died.

“The guy who did it got nothing more than a slap on the wrist. Not a second in jail. Not a second in handcuffs.”

Shockingly Donald Trump is the only 2016 Presidential candidate admitting that this is a major problem here in America.


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