Sexist, racist banner stokes controversy


The California Green Party is attracting controversy after posting an image on its official Instagram page which promotes “free slaps” to be metered out to ‘straight white men’.

The photo shows two women sat behind a table which is covered with a banner that reads “Finally! Free Slaps For Cisgendered Straight-identified White Men.” The image is supposedly designed to draw attention to ‘rape culture’, a perennial obsession for feminists and liberals that has been vehemently debunked.

The word “cisgendered” means someone who identifies as the sex they were born and has become a pejorative term used by social justice warriors to denounce those with “cis privilege.”

The post attracted numerous irate comments, including from one woman who remarked, “Why is it just cis white straight males??? How is that NOT offensive. Are they the only ones (raping). I’m a rape survivor and I hate this.”

“My rapist(s) weren’t just white straight cis males,” she added. “The person who molested me as a child was a woman, the guy who raped me when I was 19 was black.”

“I thought this only existed on tumblr?” commented another individual.”I fully support the Green Party but someone needs to bitch slap these people.”

“This would be a human rights violation if any other group mentioned,” added another respondent.

Of course, the photo is completely sexist and racist, but leftists claim that it is acceptable to behave like this towards men and white people in general because social justice warriors fundamentally don’t believe in equality, adhering instead to a bizarre form of oppression olympics where certain genders and ethnicities are deemed more special than others.

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