Bakers Who refused a Court Order and fined $135,000 Just Delivered a Powerful Message & Surprise to the Sodomite Community

Aaron and Melissa Klein have virtually lost their business, been fined $135,000, had fund raising support page taken down. They have received numerous threats against them and yet through it all, they have stood steadfast in the midst of the storm. However, in keeping true with their beliefs the couple just sent the Sodomite community a powerful message and a major surprise to let them know that they do serve out of love.

The couple collaborated with well-known Christian Evangelist Ray Comfort, who recently released the film Audacity, which is a movie about how Christianity deals with those who practice sodomy. They wanted to let those people know that they really do love them and even sought to serve them… cake.

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“We had been speaking to Ray about the movie, and Ray came up with the idea — ‘What about sending [sodomy rights groups] cakes?'” Melissa Klein told TheBlaze. “And I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, that is such an amazing idea.'”

The Kleins baked ten cakes, with hearts on them that read “We really do love you!” and included a letter with each of them, along with a $25 gift card and a copy of Ray’s film.

Think of that. Here’s a couple being persecuted by this very community. The sodomites have attempted to use government to shut up the Kleins and shut down their business. They’ve been fined a ridiculous amount of money for not wanting to bake a cake that supports sodomy. Yet, here they are demonstrating what it is to show love.

Their letter, which you can see below, informed recipients of who was sending the cakes and why they were sending them. Though the letter does not contain the Gospel and a call to repentance, the film Audacity does.

“We’re doing it in hopes that they can hopefully see [how] to understand us as being Christian, and why we believe the way we do — and why we do the things we do,” Klein said. “They don’t understand the things we do.”

Thought the Kleins are not expecting to hear anything back from the groups, she does think it would be “awesome” if they were to respond and allow further interaction with them.

 Bakers Who refused a Court Order and fined $135,000 Just Delivered a Powerful Message & Surprise to the Sodomite Community

The couple have plans to ship more cakes to sodomy groups to reach them in the same manner. “Our plan in this was definitely not to become a publicity issue or stunt,” she told TheBlaze. Instead, the Kleins are hoping to reach these people with the love of Christ, a true love that saves sinners from their sin.

Courtesy of Freedom Outpost.