Schilling was right. Not every German was a Nazi — it was the ideology that had to be defeated. The ideology is the problem, and yet ANYONE who speaks critically of jihad or Islam is destroyed. This is the ideology that has to be defeated today, but instead, we have surrendered to that ideology — jihad and sharia — and have submitted to its brutal, draconian system of governance that prohibits criticism of Islam. Just as criticism of Nazism and Communism were prohibited in those totalitarian systems.

The Islamic State, Boko Haram, al Qaeda, al Shabaab are ALL devout Muslim groups, all waging holy war to impose Islam and Islamic law — if that’s not Islamic, what is it?

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Schilling shouldn’t have apologized, but unsuspecting individuals who make common sense observations are not prepared for the onslaught of hate and personal destruction that accompanies violating the sharia in America today.

The YouTube user who was punished for the Benghazi jihad attack that was blamed by the Obama administration on his Muhammad video — that is the same as this: the road to totalitarianism. Schilling is losing his job while millions are losing their heads in the cause of jihad. Americans are being slaughtered on American soil in the cause of Islam. Whole swaths of Africa and the Middle East have fallen to Islamic savages — and Schilling has to apologize? My colleagues and I are blacklisted, relegated to the utter wilderness in the national discourse, while threats of death hang over our heads.

In the West, in a decades-long stupor of leftist sex, drugs and rock and roll, the Islamic State is not Islamic, and if you dare dissent, you get the Schilling treatment, the Geller treatment, the Spencer treatment.

Why can’t we tell the truth about all this? Where has this denial gotten us? Look at where we are: Muslim groups post the names, addresses, IPs, and phone numbers of FBI agents, US embassy personnel, airmen, and pilots, with the instruction, “wanted to kill” — and we can’t speak about the ideology motivating this.

First they came for Geller, and you did nothing.

Then they came for Spencer. Wilders. Hirsi Ali. Etc.

And they will come for you, and there will be NO ONE, and I mean no one, to fight for you.


“ESPN pulls Curt Schilling from Little League World Series after tweet,” Fox News, August 26, 2015:

ESPN is telling Curt Schilling to put a bloody sock in it.

The sports network announced Tuesday it was pulling the analyst and former major league pitcher from its Little League World Series broadcast team over a tweet by Schilling that compared Muslims to Nazi-era Germans.

This is false. It compared “extremist Muslims” to Nazis. But even that cannot be said now.

Schilling, 48, retweeted a post Tuesday morning that said, “Only 5-10% of Muslims are extremists. In 1940, only 7% of Germans were Nazis. How’d that go?” Schilling later deleted the post from his Twitter feed. He retired from baseball following the 2007 season and joined ESPN’s “Sunday Night Baseball” broadcast for the 2014 season.

The network said the tweet was unacceptable and that it “made that point very strongly to Curt.” ESPN said Schilling was removed from the Little League World Series assignment “pending further consideration.”

For his part, Schilling accepted his suspension in another Twitter post Tuesday afternoon.

This is not the first time Schilling has been outspoken on social media. He’s posted several questionable memes to his Facebook page and, in March, the three-time World Series champion verbally jousted with and publicly exposed Twitter users who threatened to sexually assault Schilling’s daughter after he congratulated her on being accepted to Salve Regina University in Rhode Island.

Last November, Schilling took to Twitter again and engaged in a fiery debate with ESPN colleague Keith Law over the theory of evolution, which Schilling does not believe in. The confrontation earned Law a five-day suspension from the social network. Schilling was not punished.

May 16, 2012: Former Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling, center, is followed by members of the media as he departs the Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation headquarters, in Providence, R.I. (AP)

The former Red Sox, Diamondbacks, Phillies, Orioles and Astros pitcher is a six-time All-Star. He finished as the runner-up for the National League Cy Young Award three times.

Remembered as a fierce postseason pitcher, perhaps his most famous moment on the mound came in Game 6 of the 2004 American League Championship Series against the Yankees. Schilling earned the win despite a torn tendon in his ankle that caused blood to seep through his sock during that game and another in the World Series. The Red Sox went on to win the World Series for the first time since 1918 and Schilling’s “bloody sock” is displayed in the Hall of Fame.

Courtesy of Pamela Geller.

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