Over 150 Students Walk out of High School over Transgender Student’s Use of Girl’s Locker Room


Hillsboro, MO – Senior Lila Perry, a transgendered high school student who has identified himself as female since the age of 13 even though he was born male and has all male parts, wants to be able to use the girls’ locker room during gym class. In protest over the school’s decision to allow Perry to use the locker room after Perry refused a private room, over 150 students walked out of Hillsboro High School for two hours Monday.

The high school offered Perry a private, gender-neutral restroom, but Perry turned it down and insists on using the girls’ locker room instead or nothing.

“I wasn’t hurting anyone and I didn’t want to feel segregated out. I didn’t want to be in the gender neutral bathroom. I am girl, I shouldn’t be pushed off to another bathroom,” Perry told KMOV. Perry says he knows he isn’t making anyone uncomfortable and the protest is just ignorance and bigotry.

Apparently 150 Hillsboro students, and some of their parents protesting down the street for separate bathrooms in public places, disagree. About 30-40 students walked out in support of Perry. Perry has since dropped gym, but has vowed to continue to use the girls’ restroom.

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