protest against monster mosque

A member of the Iraqi Christian community in Michigan wrote to alert me of a proposed mega-mosque going up in a Chaldean Christian community in Michigan. How frightening it must be to them when their Chaldean brethren in Iraq and Syria are being systematically cleansed from their centuries-old homelands under Muslim rule.

The genocide of the Chaldean Christians accompanied by this:

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A 60 feet tall, 20,500 sq. ft. mega-mosque in what is a predominantly Iraqi Christian area of Sterling Heights, Michigan (15 Mile Road and Ryan Road, also known as Chaldean-town in the area).

As you probably know for many years, Muslims lived in Dearborn and the Iraqi Christian community lived in other areas of Southeastern Michigan, including the city of Sterling Heights. In the last few years, Muslims have started making attempts at expanding into the Iraqi Christian areas and trying to take these community’s areas over.

Consider the fear and terror this mega-mosque would cause this community  in light of the ongoing genocide of their Chaldean brethren in Iraq and Syria by Islamic supremacists.

The proposed area for the mega-Mosque has very few Muslims living there and is heavily populated by the Iraq Christian, Jewish, and Caucasian communities. Already Muslims are offering to buy Iraqi Christian’s homes in this area in an attempt to take it over through bullying; and if the Christians fight their attempts to take this area over they claim discrimination. Additionally, in the last 2 years, 3 mosques have been opened within an 8 mile radius of Ryan Road. One at 20 mile and Ryan, one at 17 mile and Ryan, and one at 12 mile and Ryan. So, now the Muslim community is set on building a mega-mosque on 15 mile & Ryan even though there is a mosque 2 miles North of this location and 3 miles South of this location.

This 8 mile radius of Ryan Road is heavily Iraqi Christian populated and again, there are very few Muslims who live in this area so no one can understand why this need to now have FOUR mosques to serve a few hundred Muslims.

This mega-Mosque will decrease the home values of the residential area. Additionally, when the homeowners want to sell their homes not only will they now be limited as to who they can sell their homes too (only Muslims, who else would buy a home next to a mega-mosque?), but they will have to sell their homes at a discounted price. This all benefits the Muslim community, at the expense of the Iraqi Christian community. Iraqi Christians consider this another attempt by the Muslim community to persecute, bully, harass us; they have been doing it for 1400 years in the Mid East and now they want to follow us in the U.S. as well with their usual tactics.

Plans to build this mega-Mosque in the heart of Iraqi Christian area of Michigan started about a year ago (unbeknown to Iraqi Christians), at the same time that my community was busy dealing with being forced out of our towns in Northern Iraq by Muslim Terrorists. While we were busy dealing with a Genocide, the Muslim community in the U.S. was buying up residential homes in order to build a mega-mosque in the middle of heavily populated Iraqi Christian area in Michigan. . Muslims are so adamant that this mega-mosque must happen at this location 15 mile & Ryan (again, known as as the epicenter of the Iraqi Christian area) that since no business-zoned area was available, they purchased residential lots and plan to build the mega-mosque in the middle of homes.

The insensitivity is completely shocking to me that they were planning this all along while my community was dealing with a Genocide against our population in Iraq. This is clearly an attempt by the Muslim community in Michigan to takeover what is considered an Iraqi Christian area and shift the demographics of the area.

Also, as always happens with many segments of the Muslim community, if you do not give them exactly what they want and allow them to take over your homes, areas, etc. they cry Islamophobia as a way to get what they want. Although as you know, bigotry, intolerance, hatred, etc of other communities runs rampant in the Islamic community.

“Opponents protest construction of mosque in Sterling Heights,” WWMT, September 1, 2015

STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) – Opponents of the construction of a mosque in Sterling Heights, Michigan took to the streets this weekend.

More than 200 residents showed up to say they do not want a Muslim house-of-worship built in their neighborhood.

But they say it has nothing to do with religion. They say they don’t want anything but homes built in the area, afraid it will bring unwanted traffic.

The area is zoned as residential and a special land use agreement would have to be granted by the planning commission before construction could begin.

“Any property owner has the right to petition the city, to use the property the way they want. But there are rules in place to determine whether it fits the characteristic of the neighborhood,” said Sterling Heights Mayor Michael Taylor.

protest against monster mosque

Leaders of a group of more than 200 who protested a planned mosque in Sterling Heights on Saturday insisted they are not anti-Muslim but anti-development.

Sign-carrying protesters walked the southside sidewalk along 15 Mile Road between Mound and Ryan roads for more than an hour Saturday in opposition to the American Islamic Community Center’s proposal for a 20,500-square-foot mosque on 4.5 acres across the road.

“I want to be clear, I’m not against mosques, I’m just against the location it’s in,” said protest leader Debbi Rrosi, who lives across the street from the proposed development. “This is a residential area. We want to keep it that way. …It’s not about religion.”

But she added that the mosque doesn’t belong in the middle of a mostly Christian, Catholic residential community.

peaceful mega mosque protest

This preliminary sketch shows what the mosque being constructed near the site at Ryan and Dobry roads might look like. The Sterling Heights Planning Commission approved a special land use permit Feb. 11 for the American Muslim Diversity Association that paves the way for construction of the 8,800-square-foot facility.

Courtesy of Pamela Geller.