(INTELLIHUB) — In yet another startling fact about the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis that the liberal media is completely ignoring, school officials in Germany are warning teenage girls to avoid wearing certain attire for fear of offending Muslim refugees.

Apparently these officials are worried that the refugees cannot see women in certain clothing without immediately attacking and raping them. When you consider the widespread Muslim rape epidemic (another shocking fact totally ignored by leftist “feminists”) that was already sweeping Europe before this specific crisis, they may have a point.

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According to a local news report, a school in Pocking, Bavaria recently sent a letter to students and parents with the warning.

“A German high school banned revealing cloths and miniskirts this week, fearing the refugees residing in an adjacent shelter,” reported I24News.

“The parents were instructed to take precautions and to restrict their children from wearing transparent tops or blouses, short shorts or miniskirts. “This could lead to misunderstandings,” explained the headmaster, noting the different culture of the Muslim asylum seekers.”

Another report, translated to English, makes clear that school officials are worried that their female students could be raped simply for wearing certain clothes.

An article by Infowar’s Paul Joseph Watson on the letter sent to parents in Germany included information from another source who claimed that schools in his area are also telling girls to not wear shorts.

“I was also contacted by another German who told me that a school in the area his family lived is telling girls not to wear shorts – even in hot weather – to prevent sexual assaults by migrants.”

Of course this shocking fact, along with numerous other inconvenient truths about the Syrian refugee crisis, is being totally ignored in the liberal mainstream media where a steady chorus of calls to allow up to a million of said refugees into the United States, while blaming the American people for the crisis in the first place, can be heard on a daily basis.

The entire horrific refugee crisis is yet another example of blatant liberal hypocrisy, with so-called feminists continuing to ignore the actual rape epidemic within Muslim culture, instead opting to spend their time complaining about sexist t-shirts or catcalls on the streets of America.

While the refugee crisis is obviously horrible, the fact that Europe (and possibly the U.S. in the near future) is letting in hundreds of thousands of unchecked refugees without so much as a care in the world for the citizens already in their respective countries shows just how far leftist idealogues are willing to go in their endless promotion of multiculturalism.

You can apparently add rape to the horrors that these so-called liberals are willing to accept.

Note: The following videos have almost all been universally ignored by the large mainstream news outlets in America and contain information that the hard left simply does not want you to know about. They show, without a doubt, that there is indeed arape culture epidemic but it is not being caused by the “straight white male patriarchy.”

When viewing these horrific reports, imagine the type of person it takes to actively and purposefully IGNORE these attacks while at the same time promoting policies that will undoubtedly lead to more.

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Officials in Europe literally ignored a Muslim RAPE GANG simply because the perpetrators were Muslim and the victims were white.

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