KILL LIST: ISIS posts photos, names, addresses of US soldiers, “Theres gonna be attack this month on soldiers in America”

isis threat

The Islamic State and their Muslim supporters have been tweeting out new lists with photos, names, addresses of soldiers here in the USA. Why these lists are still up is an indictment of the ineptitude of DHS, FBI and other counter terror agencies. These lists are long — I have obviously pixelated out the images and personal information.

Instead of worrying about mythical “right-wing extremists,” these clowns better get on the ball….. and fast. As fast as these hit lists go up — that’s how fast they should come down. And twitter should have a separate division to remove these savage accounts instantly.

So condescending and supremacist are these savages, they are tweeting these lists at Fox News and Sky News. They aren’t hiding …. hardly.

Of course they issue this fatwa on the weekend of 9/11.

This is war. Isn’t time we started acting like it? Garland, Chattanooga … now this.

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Courtesy of Pamela Geller.

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