(INTELLIHUB) — For years Christians in America have felt like they were under attack. Whether it be through hit pieces in the mainstream media promoting Satan or gay rights extremists calling for the destruction of their churches, Christians seem to have a point.

The very same news outlets that routinely attack Christians also ridicule anyone that declares that there is a war on Christianity as nothing more than crazed right-wing nut jobs. That’s right, like a form of Orwellian doublespeak, Christians are directly attacked throughout the media and then that same media claims that only crazy people think Christians are under attack.

Now, the liberal media’s hate for all Christians may have revealed itself a little too much after a disgusting article published on the hard left clickbait rag called for showing Christians across the country no respect while mocking the religion in an obnoxious know it all tone.

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The hit piece and transparent direct attack on all Christian Americans comes from well-known anti Christian crusader Jeffery Taylor and proves, without a doubt, that dozens of articles throughout the mainstream media were directly lying to their readers when they claimed that there is no war on Christianity.

Taylor starts the hit piece out by complaining over the fact that numerous high-profile public figures have shown reverence to the Bible, a holy text that Taylor himself openly hates. He then goes on to list some of the “rank absurdities” he believes are contained within the text of the Bible.

Shockingly, Taylor literally compares the lord to a rapist and Mary to a sexual assault victim.

Yes, absurdist. The Bible is brimming with rank absurdities that insult our intelligence and affront our dignity as twenty-first-century, post-Enlightenment humans residing in one of the most developed countries on Earth.

Such absurdities include, exempli gratia, the following:

1. Our soi-disant “savior” was born not following intercourse between a man and a woman, but as a result of God “debauching” (to use Thomas Paine’s word) an unconsenting (per Matthew) virgin two millennia ago. (By today’s standards, Mary would be entitled to file sexual assault charges against the Lord, all the more so since He, according to the Bible, must have been at least four thousand years her senior, and occupied a position of authority over her. Imagine the settlement she could get!)

2. This “savior” derived his standing from his filial relationship to an invisible, inaudible, altogether undetectable supernatural being we now understand would have to hover above us in the minus-455-degree-Fahrenheit vacuum of outer space that exists beyond the Earth’s Thermosphere, a region formerly known as “heaven.”

3. Said “savior” wandered about Middle Eastern territory under Roman occupation allegedly performing scientifically impossible deeds (raising people from the dead, sashaying across a body of H2O, influencing meteorological phenomena, curing chronic diseases in an era before sanitary wipes, and so on).

At this point one may be wondering what kind of man would compare the god of tens of millions of people to a rapist. Well, Taylor makes clear that despite his hate for relying on religion for anything of consequence, he takes his direction from the religion of science which he apparently believes has never been wrong.

Seriously, though, it insults our intelligence to be enjoined to believe, now that we have split the atom, discovered the Higgs Boson, and sent a probe to Pluto, in the veracity of a supernatural account of the origins of our cosmos.

It insults our intelligence to be enjoined to believe, now that we have mapped the human genome and fathomed our manifest kinship to other species of the animal kingdom, that a supernatural being verbally conjured us into existence.

It insults our intelligence that we are expected to believe, even venerate, all the rubbish found in the Bible, a book written — no one disputes — by mere humans. After all, humans have always been self-interested, and given to exaggeration, confabulation and outright lying. Who’s to say that the authors of the Bible didn’t just make it all up?

Scientific dictatorship anyone?

Taylor then rambles on about a theory from a controversial fringe biblical “scholar” that claims that Christianity was created by Rome to control the poor before making his key point clear and that point lines up with the views of the vast majority of the reporters and editors who work for the largely liberal mainstream media.

Christians deserve to be disrespected, ignored, and maligned. (emphasis mine)

If we reject the Bible, we are left with one conclusion: no respect can be accorded to the cult of Christianity. No credibility can attach to any organization in based on, trafficking in, or promoting this cult.

No individuals, be they popes, priests, or pastors, merit deference when acting in their official capacity. No policy, be it regarding contraception, biological research, abortion, marriage, or the right to die, should enjoy our favor if it takes as its basis doctrines arising from this cult. No tax advantages(exemptions, that is, or de facto subsidies) should accrue to any organization claiming Christ as its raison d’être.

And no politicians flaunting their religion or pandering to the faithful should be trusted. They are not working for the common good.

Of course Taylor knows damn well that many smaller churches would literally be shut down if they lost their tax exempt status which, sadly, is the goal. One also wonders what according “no respect” to Christianity would look like in actual practice.

At this point it is an undeniable FACT that there is a war on Christianity in America (and really throughout the world) and any media outlet telling their readers that there isn’t is most likely actually part of those conducting the attacks.

About the Author:

Alex Thomas is a reporter and opinion journalist who has worked in the alternative media for over three years. His work has been featured on numerous news outlets including Infowars and RT. You can contact him hereAlex is an exclusive weapon of Intellihub.