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Here’s the message, boys and girls: devise a hoax that looks like a bomb, scare the hell out of everyone in school, and you too will become lauded and saluted the world over. Just one thing: you better be a Muslim, because if you aren’t, you’ll be expelled and ruined.

Monday Mayor De Blasio, the city council and every other NYC political jackass honored Clockmed with “Ahmed Day.” Despite all that has come out in the wake of the time-bomb hoax, the city of New York issued a proclamation.

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Let’s review:

Ahmed Mohamed has repeatedly refused to meet with city officials, refused to release records exonerating police conduct, and President Obama had tweeted about the case even before pictures of the so-called “clock” were publicly available.

Ahmed brought that thing to school knowing that it looked like “a threat,” knowing it “looked suspicious.” He refused to answer questions from school personnel and police about “his intentions and why he had brought the device to school.” Clearly they needed to know if Ahmed had brought anything else to school like ….. an explosive component to the bomb.

His sister had been suspended previously for threatening to blow up the school.

Ahmed  had been suspended previously as well.

The Dallas Morning News described Mohamed as having “racked up weeks of suspension” and pranking the “classroom projector.” His former Sam Houston Middle School 7th grade Texas History teacher, Ralph Kubiak, admitted that Mohamed’s First Amendment appeal when trying to wiggle out of trouble, although clever, backfired. The principal doled out Saturday detention …..

He claimed this was self-defense during a hallway fight……..more here.

He built nothing. He took apart an existing digital clock and put the insides into a briefcase. The “clock” is a commercial bedside alarm clock removed from its casing. There is nothing to indicate that the clock was even assembled by the child.

The 14-year old all-American schoolboy clockmaker who didn’t make a clock at all and is the son of a belligerent Muslim activist and perennial Sudanese presidential candidate whose brother runs a trucking company amusingly called Twin Towers Transportation. (Mark Steyn)

And so what does he get? A Proclamation from NYC Mayor deBlasio with this sage advice, “keep doing what you’re doing.”

We are sinking fast, folks.

Ahmed Mohamed spending quality time with ‪NYC‬ ‪Comptroller‬ Scott Stringer at his office

Clockmed with former Speaker of the New York City Council

“New York City bigwigs can’t get enough of ‘terror’ clock kid,” NY Post, September 29, 2015

clock hoax

The Muslim clock kid who was arrested in Texas after making a timepiece that was mistaken for a bomb was treated like a celebrity during a visit to City Hall on Monday.

“In New York! So awesome!!!” Texas science whiz Ahmed Mohamed, 14, tweeted this week as his family visited the Big Apple.

Ahmed received a proclamation from Public Advocate Letitia James, who called him a role model and let him sit in her chair in the council chambers.

Ahmed also met Mayor Bill de Blasio, who he said told him, “Keep doing what you’re doing.”

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The teen flashed a wide smile as he posed for photos in the ornate chair, known by pols as the “Captain America” chair for its flamboyant upholstering, which resembles the superhero’s shield.

“Never stop doing dreaming & being you,” James tweeted.

Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito took the boy and his family on a little tour of City Hall, and Comptroller Scott Stringer presented him with a framed commendation.

“All students should engage w/ science and technology – Ahmed Mohamed is a role model for all NYers,” Stringer tweeted afterward.

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams was also enthusiastic.

“I’m thrilled to welcome @ItsAhmedMohamed & his love of #science to NYC,” Adams tweeted after meeting the teen outside City Hall.

“I’ll buy one of his clocks!”

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In mid-September, Mohamed’s home-rigged digital clock — a tangle of wires and electronic components fitted inside a metal pencil box — so unnerved officials at his school that police arrested him and he was temporarily suspended.

Since then, he’s been invited to the White House by President Obama and embarked on a whirlwind tour that’s taken him as far away as Qatar.

Officials in his hometown of Irving, Texas, near Dallas, ultimately did not press charges, and have insisted the boy would have been arrested regardless of his religious beliefs.

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