WATERLOO, Iowa (INTELLIHUB) — The crowd, fired up with energy, chanted, “USA, USA, USA, USA, USA” as Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump took the podium to give a speech Wednesday. The building was so packed that the Fire Marshall reluctantly had to remove some of the campaign’s attendees from the building in order to meet local occupancy, code, requirements. So don’t let the corporate controlled press fool you when they tell you no one is attending Trump’s speeches.

“For three months we have been number one.”, Trump said.

“Politicians are all talk and no action, they don’t get it done.”

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“By the way […] I am funding my own campaign.” and I’ve only spent like “two-million dollars […] and I’m leading.”

“Politicians have no loyalty […] we need to do something.”

Mr. Trump also addressed the fact that our “Vets […] wounded warriors” aren’t being taken care of.

“We are going to build are military bigger, better, and stronger than ever before.”

“In fact the stronger we get the more likely it is that we won’t have to use it”


Trump’s focus then shifted to healthcare. “We are going to repeal and replace Obamacare,” he said.

‘We are going to take the walls down in the insurance sector so their can be no monopolies.’ It’s all based on “fraud”. Remember the “twenty-seven lies [about Obamacare]?”

“Unfortunately that we have so many problems that we’ve forgotten about that.”

The crowd then cheered, “We want Trump, we want Trump, we want Trump, we want Trump […].”

“There is such love in the room […] there is a great feeling in these rooms”, Trump replied.


Now “a lot of people in this room say there is another agenda.”, Trump said, carefully referring to a secret society once spoken about by the late, great, John F. Kennedy, as seen in the video below.

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However Trump has a rather different philosophy and merely thinks members of the current Administration are incompetent. And I have to say as much as I myself believe in conspiracies, he may have a point [LOL]. I mean after all let’s face it these people really are dumb, that’s why nothing ever gets better–it just keeps getting worse.

“I think they are stupid people honestly.”, said Trump.

“When you look at the nuclear deal with Iran–I mean give me a break […] they are allowed to do self-inspection […] Iran.”

“We give them back $150 billion so now they are in Syria with soldiers […] so they are going to be a real world terror.”

Then we have the issue of China in which we have a tremendous “trade imbalance with […] of almost $400 billion a year.”

Trump went on to point out how fixing trade imbalance with China alone would fix our country’s problems. ‘They’ve been killing us’.

I want to charge them [China] a “32% tax.”

Regardless, anyway you look at it “our country is in serious, serious, trouble”, Trump said.

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