Protest Photos, VIDEO: Anti-Jihad Groups CLOSE Denmark-Germany Border


Saturday, my colleague and European partner, Anders Gravers of Stop Islamization of  Denmark and Stop Islamization of Europe (SIOE), led the Danish group “Close the Border,” which consists of several Danish Islamic-critical groups and anti-immigration groups, and took decisive anti-migrant action. They did what many Danish people would wish that their politicians and police would do.

They closed the Danish-German border’s entrance to Denmark.

For several minutes they sent a strong signal that in the Kingdom of Denmark there are people who want to have the border control established again, and they want to stop the welfare migrants from North Africa, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Turkey who are destroying one of the best welfare systems in the world. Right now the migrants get jobs before the Danes, and they also get housing before Danes.

Anders Gravers told me that over “200 Danes attended this Saturday afternoon event to momentarily close the border, listen to speeches and agree to making this a monthly event until the politicians reestablish border control.”

Here are  photos and a video he sent me:




Courtesy of Pamela Geller.

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