The myth of the poor war refugees continues to blow up in the face of reality. Four out of five of these migrants are not from Syria. They are fit (or even fat), and have the latest technology at their fingertips. They refuse the shelters and demand homes.

Below is an article about refugees refusing to enter a shelter that was put in place in a gymnasium. They preferred to stay outside while demanding apartments.

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Scroll for video of protesters:

refugee smartphones

Migrants with their smartphones: In protest, some of the refugees photograph members of the press, because they do not want to be photographed themselves.

The Google translation is a bit awkward, but you get the gist:

Refugees do not want to move into the gym!

From Bernd Rippert, MOPO 24, October 9, 2015 (thanks to Lisa):

Chemnitz – Crazy situation in Markersdorf: The city wanted to take 60 asylum seekers in the gym at the Dittersdorfer road in the afternoon. 100 demonstrators wanted to prevent – but they came in vain. The refugees refused to move into the hall.

Police, protesters and employees were clueless on the road. The refugees were afraid to stay in Markersdorf, fear of attack. Not only that. The Syrian Soon (20) said it clearly: “This is not comfortable enough, that’s just a gym!”

The asylum seekers, especially families with children, came from the first inventory in Adalbert Stifter way should now be redistributed in urban accommodation. But the apartments are all occupied, so the temporary Markersdorf.

For the refugees from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan is not good enough. Interpreters Atta Nassar (48): “The people are stubborn, they absolutely want in homes or a home.”
In protest some of the refugees to photograph members of the press, because they do not want to be photographed themselves.

The mood among the refugees became more aggressive. Some said aloud, they wanted to leave Germany immediately demanded a bus to Austria. “Dear return to Syria than to stay here,” it said.

The bus does not exist at present. Police Chief Commissioner Rico steering (36) was stunned: “A confused situation The need but be willing to compromise..”

If the applicant is currently not. You are playing for time, expect a buckling of the city. The police also waiting. Still. An official: “Tonight we did not let them in the parking lot then we must do what..”

18 clock a town hall meeting for accommodation in Markersdorf is recognized in the Bonhoeffer Church towards the parking lot. In addition, the city is preparing in the district of another refugee camp before – in the gym the night school in the Arno-Schreiter-Strasse.

Update, 21:50 clock: About 60 refugees await further out in front of the gym. Whether they will spend the night in the open, or at least go into the hall, is still unclear. The halbsyrische lawyer Peter von Wolffersdorff (52), who learned via MOPO24 the protest of refugees hurried Markersdorf to negotiate. The lawyer will accommodate a family with two children with him privately. Mayor Miko Runkel has given it the go-ahead.

Update, 20:25 clock: Mayor Miko Runkel secures the 50 refugees who still protest outdoors, that they can leave the gym again and move into apartments after at least four weeks. The refugees consult among themselves if they move into the hall. Meanwhile, the fire department arrived to illuminate the square in front of the gym. The Wutbürger demonstrating against the entry of refugees, are also on site.

migrants 2

migrants demo 2

Update, 19:54 clock: The situation remains procedural. So far, only a few refugees have gone to the gym, especially children. Approximately 50 people refuse to follow. A Syrian: “We are afraid here!”

Update, 18:52 clock: Some of the refugees are now ready yet, to the gym, where the cots are lined up close together to collect. People are accompanied by police officers. The mood among the protesters in front of the hall is aggressive. A man who insulted a refugee who got a red card.


Update, 18:21 clock: Approximately 200 citizens have come to an event in the Bonhoeffer Church, to gather information on the detention of refugees in Markersdorf. In addition to representatives of the Social Welfare Office and the police also pastor Stefan Brenner and Mayor Miko Runkel answer questions,


Courtesy of Pamela Geller.