How bad can things get?

Preppers know the scenarios – any major crisis from economic breakdown, to civil unrest and riots, an EMP, natural disaster or plain out martial law can bring things to a halt with shocking quickness. And chaos is nearly always the end result.

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But this article examines just how far America has fallen into desperation. The closer that the nation spirals towards disintegration, the worse things seem to get.

Between the extremely vulnerable economic system and looming financial crisis, the decline of American values and morality and the utter dependence of Americans upon centralized supply chains, the feds and corporations for everything, the United States population stands all-too-close to disaster. Sam Gerrans at RT says that America is a bomb waiting to explode:

The United States is in decline. While not all major shocks to the system will be devastating, when the right one comes along, the outcome may be dramatic.

We can see how fragile the U.S. is now by considering just four tendencies.

1. Destruction of farms and reliable food source

2. Weak economic system

3. Americans increasingly on mind-altering drugs

4. Morals in decline

According to Gerran’s numbers, less than 5 million people are in a position to feed themselves when the SHTF. With preppers and backyard homesteaders, that number is hopefully much higher, but in any case, it still leaves well over 95% of the population utterly dependent on the grocery store or the government – and the shelves will empty out of literally every store within hours if a real crisis hits.

The average American might have three days of food in their pantry – but that still puts collapse and disorder on a schedule of nearly immediate:

The average American is a long way from food when the shops are closed… The number of farms in the country has fallen by some 4 million from more than 6 million in 1935 to roughly 2 million in 2012… only about 2 percent of the US population live on farms.

And a real crisis may hit… the economy is in real trouble, the global system is fragile and waiting for a crash. The Federal Reserve is even acknowledging its own dangerous limitations, as the dollar faces the end of its lifespan.

Though we have been warned for years now, the death of the dollar will still bring unbelievable hardship upon the denizens of the once-great United States. With a swelling, rotting corrupt system propped up by its own excess and empire stands a nation dangerously close to collapsing from its own weight. Endless wars, waged in one way or another over oil, and the petrodollar system that has dominated the world since the U.S. went off the gold standard in 1971 have scraped things pretty thin.

Gerran writes:

The US currency came off the gold standard in 1933 and severed any link with gold in 1971. Since then, the currency has been essentially linked to oil, the value of which has been protected and held together by wars.


Once people wake up and smell the Yuan, the Exodus out of the dollar will be unstoppable.

But will Americans ever snap out of it?

Not until it is too late, unfortunately. Hunger will drive people into the streets, and rioting and looting may take on deadly proportions.

Meanwhile, what happens when people go off their meds? For millions of people dependent upon prescription drugs and especially SSRIs, they could easily go psychotic, homicidal and suicidal. People will literally become unpredictable:

According to the Scientific American, use of antidepressants among the US population was up 400 percent in the late 2000s over the 1990s. Many of these drugs are selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors.

Pharmaceuticals are produced at centralized points by companies which themselves rely on extended logistics systems both to produce and to deliver their output. If the logistics system fails, there’s no more supply.


In the past, people were in rural communities. They could grow food. They had real communities. They also had self-control and a conception of morality.

Today, if the supply lines go down, you are stuck in a house you can’t heat surrounded by millions of FDA-approved drug addicts who are going psycho because they have run out of juice and people who would murder their own grandmother to get a cut-price iPhone.

In other words, lack of food will not be the only thing driving people mad. Some people will become down right criminally insane if they are forced into withdrawal from their medication and could be capable of literally anything. On top of that, there are diabetics, vulnerable elderly people and many others who would die or become very sick without their normal regiment.

Society is already at a point where people are willing riot over sales on Black Friday, or highly engineered consumer and celebrity happenings. The masses today are routinely herded from one sensational event to another, and will just as quickly stampede when the circumstances call for it. It’s not that things in the past were ideal, but today they are just dysfunctional.

Though it is sad to note, the republic has fallen sometime ago. The last vestiges of what America stood for are being destroyed, and the country as a whole stands dangerously close to all out disaster.

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What kind of crisis will it take, and will you be ready when it comes?

Courtesy of SHTFplan.com