(INTELLIHUB) — The culture wars took a sharp turn towards outright authoritarian fascism on Monday after University of Missouri President Tim Wolfe was forced to resign due to his “white male privilege” and perceived (see completely fake) lack of response over a string of racial incidents at the college.

To understand how utterly despicable this entire fiasco has become one must realize the fact that Wolfe himself did not make any racist comments nor did any of his actions come from a racist standpoint.

Sadly, this documented fact mattered little to the ideological lynch mob who called for his firing simply because he didn’t immediate kowtow to a series of outrageous and openly racist demands put forward by the radical student group operating under the hastag #ConcernedStudent1950.

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The National Review’s editorial board provided perhaps the most concise reasoning for how ridiculous it is that Wolfe was forced to resign.

Wolfe, black students insisted, has “enabled a system of racism” at the university. What exactly that system of racism consists of remains vague. The complaints include the by-now-familiar litany, beginning with the fact that the university administration was silent on the matter of the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., a year ago.

Multiple investigations of the Brown shooting, including the one conducted by Barack Obama’s Department of Justice, have concluded that there was no criminal conduct by police in the case. But even if there had been, what business is it of the University of Missouri? The purpose of a university administration is to administer the university, not to provide a salve for every hurt, real or imagined, that besets the increasingly childish adults it is intended to serve.

Other racial incidents have been reported by Mizzou students with varying degrees of documentation: A student says he was twice described with a racial slur, and a swastika was found applied to a dormitory wall with feces. But the University of Missouri is not besieged by the Ku Klux Klan. It is besieged by hysteria. Hysteria needs to be stood up to, not cravenly fed with acquiescence.

It is also important to note that the “string of racist incidents” at the college was literally a few random people, that may or may not have gone to the school, hurling racist words at black students.

How on earth this leads to the president of the school having to resign can only be explained in the context of radical, Maoist inspired, activists conducting an ideological lynch mob to force someone out of their job simply because that person didn’t share their extremist beliefs. Add in the fact that he is white and Wolfe was toast.

Think about this for a second. Wolfe was forced to resign because a few random people he had nothing to do with shouted racist things at a couple black students.

An article on the American Conservative details the absurdity:

OK, wait. Why does jackass behavior by a group of white racists riding around in a pick-up truck on campus — racists who might not even be part of the university community — require a response from the chancellor of the university? Why is the lack of a response a sign that the University of Missouri does not care about black students?

When I was an undergraduate at LSU, drunk frat-boy types would sometimes drive by groups of us walking down Highland Road to the bars, and yell abuse at us, usually “Faggots!” or something like that. It never occurred to any of us to demand that the university chancellor Show That He Cares.

Did any of us think that the university administration actually approved of idiots calling undergraduates names from passing cars? Of course not. If violence had been threatened, that would have been a different matter, but the general understanding was that you will always have jerks among us, and drunken stupidity was not generally a cause for making a federal case.


As the Post notes, Mizzou is a campus of 35,000 students. It should not shock anybody that among that vast population are racists and drunkards, as well as all manner of sinners. When one of them sins by getting drunk and saying something racist, the proper response is to punish the racist drunkard. It is not a Crisis™. And lo, the university identified the white drunk and kicked him off campus! But that wasn’t enough.

Days later, a group of black protesters surrounded a car carrying Wolfe in a parade, and refused to let him pass. Wolfe’s driver “bumped” a couple of protesters in an effort to get away. Well, if you are going to prevent a car from driving on a road, don’t be surprised when you get bumped, morons! But that was seen as another sign of the racist character of the Mizzou administration.

And then someone painted a swastika in feces on a residence hall wall. This person has not been identified. Nobody knows if this was a genuine act of hate, or a hate crime hoax carried out by a provocateur (this has been a documented problem on campuses). But it didn’t matter to protesters. It was useful to the cause.

So those were the “crimes” committed by Wolfe which forced him to resign. If that is not the definition of tyranny then I have no idea what is.

The Demands

The list of demands by the protesters reads like an anti-white, pro hard left manifesto and included literal mandatory re-education for all students and faculty as well as the demand the Wolfe publicly attack himself for the horrific crime of being white.

leftist demands

Moving past the obvious racist aspects of demand number one, the fourth demand is a literal call for mandatory re-education classes that were to be designed by the very hard left authoritarians who wrote the list in the first place.

“We demand you force all students and faculty into re-education classes with curriculum that we specifically choose and if you do not accept you are racist!”

In article on the 7 key takeaways from this fiasco, Ben Shaprio notes that under the new leftist ideology, it is an automatic crime to not publicly denounce yourself for being white.

“White Privilege” Means Getting Fired For Being White. Wolfe did nothing to provoke his ouster. As noted, he never stopped apologizing at any point or saying that all of his detractors were right. That didn’t mean that the ConcernedStudent1950 group had no excuse to dump him: his skin color was enough.

They demanded that Wolfe write “a handwritten apology to the Concerned Student 1-9-5-0 demonstrators and holds a press conference in the Mizzou Student Center reading the letter. In the letter and at the press conference, Tim Wolfe must acknowledge his white male privilege, recognize that systems of oppression exist, and provide a verbal commitment to fulfilling Concerned Student 1-9-5-0 demands.”

Other demands included a curriculum “vetted, maintained, and overseen by a board comprised of students, staff, and faculty of color,” a new president selected by a “collective of students, staff, and faculty of diverse backgrounds [read: racial minorities],” and an increase in “the percentage of black faculty and staff campus-wide to 10%.”

Racism is alive and well, and living on the left.

But hey, not to worry. According to these same hard leftist extremists, no matter what a minority does they can never be racist.

Crazed leftists (and their communications professor) block and attack media

Coming from a group that just forced the president of their university to resign over the crime of being white and not following their demands, it should come as no surprise that they also despise the freedom of the press.

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This fact was on clear display Monday after student journalists were accosted and intimidated by the protesters for simply trying to document the protests and chaos surrounding the university. The mob surrounded the journalists while demanding immediate media censorship of their protest.

“An Asian-American photographer, Tim Tai, tried to take photographs of the protestors, and to walk into the center of the encampment, but he was blocked by a wall of mostly-white protestors. They would not let him pass, and gradually forced him back. Towards the end of the roughly six minute video, Tai is shoved, pushed and assaulted by the protesters,” reported

Near the end of the video a woman is heard calling for some “muscle” to help her attack completely legitimate journalists for the crime of doing their job. Shockingly, this censorship obsessed authoritarian was none other than University of Missouri Communications Assistant Professor Melissa Click.


As one Twitter user so aptly observed, this woman is being paid tens of thousands of dollars to teach and instead she is standing outside harassing journalists.

Another Tweet focused on the irony of a once respected school of journalism allowing students to attack and stop journalists from doing their job.

Other reports from journalists on the scene include accounts of the lynch mob forming “human shields” to block reporters from doing their jobs.

By no means is this out of control, hard left lynch mob mentality concentrated at the University of Missouri. These tactics of intimidation and attempts to fully shut down free speech in the name of “safe spaces” are happening at colleges throughout the country and are one of the most direct threats to freedom facing Americans today.

Just yesterday I reported on the Mao inspired public shaming that took place at Yale University. The crime? Simply writing an email that disagreed with leftist social justice warriors or, even more frightening, for simply being the husband of the person who wrote the email.

“A simple email defending so-called offensive Halloween costumes has unleashed a modern-day Maoist style “struggle session” on the campus of Yale University,” I reported.

“The literal demands by hard left Yale students to purge University employees over political disagreements came after an email was sent by Yale’s Intercultural Affairs Council that requested students not engage in “cultural appropriation” when it came time to choose a Halloween costume.”

Video of the lynch mob carrying out what can only be described as the modern-day version of Maoist China’s infamous “struggle sessions” has gone viral and provides another shocking example of how these extremists operate.

At this point one can assume that a vast majority of normal, freedom loving people are completely disgusted by the tactics of these extremist (and media promoted) activist groups.

With numerous articles and videos detailing the extreme authoritarianism that runs through these groups, even those on the fence over whether or not they support the new PC culture are starting to wake up and realize the dangers posed by these extremists.

Despite this, liberal news outlets such as Salon, in straight up Orwellian doublespeak fashion, are claiming that the chaos at the University of Missouri actually proves that there are no PC police besides those that exist on the right.

No that is not a typo, leftist propagandists such as Amanda Marcotte are literally framing this fiasco as proof that political correctness doesn’t even exist while also admitting that the anger towards Wolfe wasn’t just due to his perceived racial intolerance like the protesters claimed but was more about past decisions he had made that the left disagreed with. (see political purge)

No doubt there are some instances where young people, puffed up on self-righteousness and still sloppy about politics, go way too far with the P.C.-policing. But Monday’s resignation of Tim Wolfe as the president of the University of Missouri system in the wake of a wave of racial ugliness on campus should be a reminder that while a few loudmouthed lefties who overplay their hands may be annoying, young people—particularly young women and people of color—are less victimizers than victimized.

All this chatter about “trigger warnings” and the supposedly over-coddled young has served to cover up the real story: Young people are under assault from reactionary forces and most of their grievances are not about imagined slights, but about very serious problems they are facing, on and off campus.


Over the summer, the school tried to take away health insurance subsidies for graduate students, blaming Obamacare. That didn’t last long, but it certainly put students on notice that their basic access to health care was under threat by conservative forces. Then the university got caught up in the state’s heightened anti-choice politics, after state legislators strong-armed the school into forcing a doctor who worked at the school to quit providing abortions at a local Planned Parenthood.

The school also canceled contracts with Planned Parenthood that allowed medical and nursing students to gain hours there, in response to the hoax videos that came out over the summer falsely accusing Planned Parenthood of selling body parts.

They eventually came to their senses and renewed the contracts, but, as with the graduate student health program, the message was sent: The school was listening to and willing to interfere with the health care and educational access the students had, to pander to the whims of a bunch of delusional culture warriors.

Attempting to grasp the sheer amount of bullshit put forth by Marcotte in this one article is almost impossible. In the mind of Marcotte and her media allies, a sitting president of a major university having to resign simply because he was white and didn’t immediately acquiesce to a series of radical demands somehow means that political correctness is overblown and mostly doesn’t exist.

In other words, Marcotte believes (or is at least pretending to believe) the exact opposite of reality. And the establishment wonders why American trust for the media is at an all time low?!

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