“I always say the truth is best even when we find it unpleasant. Any rat in a sewer can lie. It’s how rats are. It’s what makes them rats. But a human doesn’t run and hide in dark places, because he’s something more. Lying is the most personal act of cowardice there is.” ― Nancy Farmer, The House of the Scorpion

Steve Peoples reports for the AP (via Yahoo) that on Jan. 15, 2015, in a 35-min. luncheon speech to the Republican National Committee’s winter meeting outside San Diego, presidential aspirant Dr. Ben Carson compared ISIS or the Islamic State (who chop off the heads of their enemies, especially Christians) to the patriots of the American Revolution. See FOTM for full story. Here is the video of that speech:

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One of my cyber buds called Carson “Shifty.” She said, “The Media is holding back on his top advisor, Armstrong Williams, and the dumbed down public doesn’t see that they’re holding back until Cruz or Rubio can be manipulated into place on the undiscerning electorate.”

Personally, I believe Carson is nothing more than an Obama Junior.


In my previous article, Dr. Ben Carson Teams Up With Al Sharpton, I mentioned Carson’s top advisor, Armstrong Williams wanted Chicago to hire Farrakhan to helps stem violence in the city. Link Remember Louis Farrakhan is the man who has called for retaliation and death to whitey.

Remember too, that Williams recently broadcast his radio show live from Farrakhan’s celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Million Man March. Considering the fact that people were responding to Carson’s tough talk about Muslims, this story may be something Carson won’t want getting traction. To top it off, Armstrong wants taxpayers to fund Farrakhan! Link


Add this together with Carson speaking at Al Sharpton’s NAN convention and stating that he and Al Sharpton have the same goals. Link Remember, our momma’s told us, “You’ll be known by the company you keep, and if you lay down with dogs, you’ll get up with fleas.”

American Thinker’s Article, “Ben Carson in His Own Words,” has several of Carson’s statements. [At Yale in the late 1960s],”I was proud to see groups such as the Black Panthers standing up to brutal police tactics, and though I never joined any radical student organizations, I kept abreast of the activities of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), the Weathermen, and other groups willing to use aggressive tactics to accomplish “social justice.” I’d urge you to read this article in full as Carson’s statements belie the fact that he’s a conservative.


Team Jeb Worked to Talk Up Carson

There were numerous signals that Team Jeb (RNC/GOPe) was working to talk up Carson.

Dana Perino, a die-hard Bush loyalist, has been working this angle for several weeks. Fox news host Megyn Kelly has also been working diligently to promote Carson as a kinder, gentler and more palatable, i.e. less vulgarian, option.

The promotion of Carson specifically targeted Trump supporters –depending on the primary state, the hope was it might work to pull Trump down enough to stop the current momentum. Link

Carson on Illegal Aliens

His latest immigration plan was spelled out at a speech at Liberty University November 11th, and reported by Breitbart.

I would agree with Carson on getting rid of incentives, but law breakers do not belong in our country, many are criminals as well as carrying diseases. The number of 11 to 12 million illegals has been used since Reagan actually gave amnesty to 3 million, and another five of their family members, totaling 15 million. It was a dismal failure. Link The reality is, there are 50 to 60 million illegals in this country with the southern border being a sieve.

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Carson’s position on the value of American citizenship is seriously flawed. He should acknowledge that American citizens have rights too. Dr. Carson has to understand that American citizenship must never be treated like a “tip” for “putting up with us rude Americans who harass people with our laws.” Citizenship is not something people get for “services rendered.”

I fully believe Carson is for full amnesty for all illegal aliens.

Trump has it right…and he’s the only one who does.


Carson to use Department of Education as his hammer

Sounding more like his would-be predecessor, Dr. Ben Carson said he has no intention of getting rid of the Dept. of Education. Instead, he would remake it into a policing-type organization that monitors the speech of professors and others at universities and colleges to ensure that bias is not practiced. Suffice it to say, this would be bias which Dr. Carson considers to be bias and the definition could—and likely would—change as does the good doctor’s whims. This is totalitarian thinking, folks…and it’s chillingly coming from Dr. Carson. Link

To top it off, Carson says that children in schools learning about actual American history might make the students want to join ISIS! He is speaking at the Center for Security Policy’s National Security Action Summit.

Carson is all for the TPP!


Carson proclaimed that he supported the Obama White House in its plan to force the Trans-Pacific Partnership down the throats of US citizens…a deal that would provide one of the last nails in the coffin of US sovereignty. Ben acts as though he’s a staunch conservative, but he leans more and more towards Marxism. (The prayer breakfast attended by Carson, where he made such a good showing as a conservative, is run by Doug Coe’s secretive “The Fellowship” or “The Family.” They have such members of so-called opposite political stances as DeMint and Hillary Clinton. Link See Constance Cumbey’s five part article entitled, “The Family, and its hijacking of Evangelicalism.”) We have to watch what people do, not just listen to what they say. Ben Carson said that he supports the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement negotiated by the White House – aligning himself more with the GOP’s establishment wing than with the social conservatives who have powered his campaign. Link

Carson says he wants to level the playing field, and he likes Free Trade for that reason, but what he’s saying is the playing field is leveling America down to a third world country. Link

More and more, Dr. Carson really is looking like a Trojan Horse. The media is not vetting Carson for reasons I explained in my previous article, Christians Lack of Discernment.


Carson certainly looks to be another globalist with friends like C. Boyden Gray (skull & bones presidential counsel to Bush) and Cain (Federal Reserve).

Carson’s Support of Death Panels

Twenty years ago, Dr. Carson had his own ideas about how to reform health care in America. Some of those ideas may surprise you.

Buzzfeed reporter Andrew Kaczynski wrote a story about Carson’s 1996 proposal, and some of the “radical” elements it contains. Among them:

  • Government run catastrophic health care.
  • A computerized national medical records database.
  • Food stamp-like “health care vouchers” for the poor.
  • National care guidelines for the terminally ill.

The Affordable Care Act puts insurance companies firmly in the driver’s seat in terms of health care, provided they agree to follow a simple set of government rules. But Carson’s proposal for a catastrophic health care fund would have given the government control over care in that area. The government’s catastrophic care program would be funded by mandatory contributions from insurance company profits. Carson writes, “Such a fund would be supported by a mandatory contribution of approximately 10 to 15 percent of profits of each health insurance company, including managed care operations.”

Does that sound like “a government takeover” to anyone?

Carson wrote in 1996, Decisions on who should be treated and who should not be treated clearly requires some national guidelines and obviously should be made based on the viability of the patient rather than the age of the patient. There are clearly many 90-year-old individuals who are healthier than some 40 or 50-year-old individuals and certainly medical treatment should not be withheld if there is a reasonable chance of recovery and resumption of a normal lifestyle. If a patient insisted on having everything done, consideration of more aggressive treatment should be given.”

Does “national guidelines” for who should and should not be treated, sound like “death panels” to you?

Here is a list of Carson’s comments on health care. Carson wants to regulate insurance like non-profits. Scroll down and read “Government responsibility for catastrophic coverage” being government responsibility. Then scroll to “Let paralyzed quadriplegics choose to die if they wish it,” and removing the ventilator.

Carson’s current opinions in this area are rather different than what he wrote in 1996. Still, it gives me the willies that a person of his position could advocate for something like national care guidelines, especially in a medical journal. If he changed his mind once, what’s to keep him from changing it again?


Carson originally proposed to scrap Medicare and Medicaid entirely—a genuinely radical idea, and one with massive policy and political risks. Under his plan, every American would receive a cradle-to-grave health savings account with an annual $2,000 government subsidy, which family members could share. But after the third debate two weeks ago, Carson began running away from that old idea, which had been coming under increasing attack by fellow Republicans, particularly Donald Trump who said, “Ben wants to get rid of Medicare. You can’t get rid of Medicare. It would be a terrible thing to get rid of.”

The mere fact that the MSM and politicians refer to Medicare and Social Security as an entitlement absolutely infuriates me. American citizens have PAID into SS since 1937, and into Medicare since 1966. We were forced to give the government our money in exchange for a promise from them. However, they feel free to “cut” those benefits and promises anytime they wish, but never cut the giveaways to illegals, to those who don’t work, and to the entire welfare community.

It would take decades to eliminate Medicare/Medicaid, by attrition and funding. Too many baby boomers rely on Medicare today, a fund they’ve paid into all their lives! The reality is this, Medicare and Medicaid should never have been started, but it was passed into law on July 30, 1965, and beneficiaries were first able to sign-up for the program on July 1, 1966.


Carson and Multi-Level Marketing

Check out Carson’s long involvement with Mannatech, a multi-level marketing organization who claimed their vitamin products cured AIDS, cancer, ALS, autism, etc. In 2007, Texas charged Mannatech with an unlawful marketing scheme that exaggerated health benefits. Link In 2009, Texas reached an agreement: Mannatech paid $4 million in restitution to customers while admitting no wrongdoing, and was prohibited from saying that their products can cure disease. Yet Carson’s interactions with the company continued for five more years. Link In fact, in March of 2014, Carson was still doing infomercials for the company.

Dr. Carson’s Beliefs

Dr. Carson stated, “We believe the revelation and inspiration of both the Bible and Ellen White’s writings to be of equal quality.” Adventist Ministry magazine of October 1981. Carson is a Seventh Day Adventist (SDA).

The doctor has been taken to task for stating the pyramids were for storing grain. He must have been thinking of Joseph. The Book of Genesis tells that Joseph was the 11th of Jacob‘s 12 sons and Rachel‘s firstborn, and tells how Joseph came to be sold into slavery by his jealous brothers, and rose to become vizier: the second most powerful man in Egypt next to Pharaoh. When famine struck Canaan, Jacob (Joseph’s father) and Joseph’s brothers came to the Land of Goshen in Egypt, and pleaded for food. Joseph had stored up plenty, but not in the pyramids. The pyramids were burial tombs of the pharaohs.

The SDA church does not believe in combat. When conscripted, they serve in other capacities. I have no problem with this, except I wonder how an SDA member could lead the nation as “Commander in Chief.”

Ellen G. White, founder of the SDA church, stated many condemnations if a parishioner does not tithe his 10%. Link
This is where Carson’s 10% flat tax/tithe program comes from. Remember he proposed this in the first debate.

In my article, The Absolute Joy of Giving, I explained the actual Mosaic Law of tithing. When people pull certain verses out of context and then misapply what they have pulled out of context, you end up with false doctrine.

Founder Ellen White made many predictions of the return of Christ. None of the predictions ever came true. We must conclude on the basis of Deut. 18:21-23 that she was a false prophet. She never called herself a prophet, but rather a messenger.

Mrs. White claimed to have received more than 3,000 “inspired counsels from the Lord” (i.e., visions) between 1844 and 1868. (From these “visions,” she produced over 100,000 handwritten manuscript pages from which were published 54 books!) Therefore, SDAs have a new source of authority in their lives — according to SDA’s dogma, if an SDA does not accept Mrs. White as infallible, they have no salvation!

What does Revelation say about adding to or subtracting from the Word of God? Revelation 22:18-19 is quite clear. If anyone adds to the Word, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: And if any man shall take away from the words of the book, God shall take away his part out of the book of life…

More on the SDA church.

More on Ben

There is so much more on this man, but the flavor is all the same. Here are some examples:

Blaze: AP: Ben Carson Profits From Ties With Convicted Felon

Washington Times: Ben Carson Flouts Flat Tax, Eliminating Mortgage Deductions and Charitable Deductions

The Guardian: Dr. Ben Carson’s Home is a Homage to Himself – See the Pictures, is he as narcissistic as Obama?

Truth in Media: Ben Carson says He Opposes Legalizing Pot, and Would “Intensify” Drug War. Yes, let’s send more money down the black hole to the CIA.

Time: Ben Carson Says ‘Certainly Willing’ To Consider Kanye West for President, What?

From Loma Linda Medical Center: Remember Baby Fae from 1984? It was at Loma Linda University, a Seventh Day Adventist Organization where Baby Fae received a cross-species transplantation of a baboon heart. She lived for only a couple weeks.


I agree wholeheartedly with Devvy Kidd’s latest article, Dr. Carson will never get my vote either. I’ll stand with the only candidate who has the acumen to run the nation, and the chutzpah to defeat Hillary Clinton, Mr. Donald Trump. And guess what? Breitbart reports, Trump surges to 42% nationally.

Devvy Kidd had a spectacular article on Carson entitled,” Dr. Ben Carson Won’t Get My Vote.” If you haven’t read it, it is quite enlightening. And there’s more!

Kelleigh Nelson has been an investigative researcher since 1975. Formerly an executive producer for three different national radio talk show hosts, she was adept at finding and scheduling a variety of wonderful guests for her radio hosts. She and her husband live in Knoxville, TN, and she has owned her own wholesale commercial bakery since 1990. Prior to moving to Tennessee, Kelleigh was marketing communications and advertising manager for a fortune 100 company in Ohio. Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, she was a Goldwater girl with high school classmate, Hillary Rodham, in Park Ridge, Illinois. Kelleigh is well acquainted with Chicago politics and was working in downtown Chicago during the 1968 Democratic convention riots. Kelleigh is presently the secretary for Rocky Top Freedom Campaign, a strong freedom advocate group.

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