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More interfaith dialogue from a Muslim reader.

Obama says, “welcomerefugeees.”

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To: Pamela Geller
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Date: November 23, 2015

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UPDATE: Check this out – a reader sent it to me: Bahar Mustafa, Welfare and Diversity Officer

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And this (thanks to Christian) :

May 2015: Student diversity officer in racism row could lose her job after allegedly tweeting ‘kill all white men’

Bahar Mustafa should be removed from Goldsmiths University in all aspects with police interaction and degree revocation.

Bahar Mustafa, the University Diversity Officer (sic) has made very public and hateful comments toward a racial subtype and also sexist comments of misandry. This “statement” was to exclude people from a social gathering according to their racial type and sex; which remarkably was to discuss Goldsmiths Universities diversity policies. Furthermore, the killing of the white race for reasons unknown.
After planning attempts to “diversify” the campus of Goldsmiths, Bahar Mustafa posted the following on Facebook:

“If you’ve been invited and you’re a man and/or white PLEASE DON’T COME just cos I invited a bunch of people and hope you will be responsible enough to respect this is a BME [Black and Minority Ethnic] Women and non-binary event only,”

She later posted a photo of herself wiping away fake tears near a sign reading “No White Cis Men Please.” Beneath the sign posted on the university owned rooms is a collection cup of “white male tears”.

As a university recognised in the United Kingdom and in receipt of endowment you should recognise that this type of hate speech is unforgivable in terms of hate crime legislation in the United Kingdom.

Furthermore, according to your vote of no confidence on your student union page is listed “The current Welfare and Diversity Officer has used hate speech based on race and gender.
For example the consistent use of hash-tags such as #killallwhitemen and #misandry, and publically calling someone ‘white trash’ under the official GSU Welfare and Diversity Officer twitter account.”

This is a very serious offence and it is not something which has been done for individual debate, it is forced segregation by a so called “Diversity Officer” whom calls for the murder of a race due to their skin colour and gender using the university name on a public platform.

In fact, the seriousness of the crime would constitute it being brought forward to the EU & Crown criminal court for inciting racial hate and genocide, this firmly puts Ms Mustafa’s actions beyond a simple vote of no confidence.

I myself am shocked that an educational institution with a royal chancellor, HRH The Princess Royal (University of London) should allow this to happen.
In regards to your own university codes of conduct we refer to the following which face such penalty, and further courses can be taken with regard to hate crime in the eyes of the law if needs be followed.

Goldsmiths University Rules of Conduct in breach:

12.6 It shall be an offence under these Regulations for a student by his or her conduct or activities to prejudice the good order and discipline of the College either in the precincts of the College, or in buildings or in premises owned or occupied by the College, or elsewhere, or by his or her conduct to bring the College into disrepute.

12.9.3 violent, indecent, disorderly, threatening or offensive behaviour or language whilst on College premises or engaged in any College activity;

12.9.5 action likely to cause injury or impair the health or safety on College premises of students or staff;

12.9.6 harassment of any student, member of staff or other employee of the College or any authorised visitor to the College;

12.9.7 use of social media, including any websites, blogs, wikis, instant messaging, video/web conferencing, email or any app in such a way as to bring the College’s name into disrepute, or to be derogatory, demeaning, malicious, defamatory, abusive, offensive or hateful to any individual employed by or attending the College.

12.9.8 breach of any College Regulation or any procedures or policies given authority by these College Regulations;

12.9.11 behaviour which brings the College into disrepute;

12.9.14 in the case of a student enrolled on a programme of study which leads to an entitlement to practise as a member of a profession, conduct which might call into question his or her suitability to practise that profession (professional fitness to practise);

12.9.15 conduct which constitutes a criminal offence where that conduct:

1 takes place on College premises; or

2 affects or concerns other members of the College community; or

3 damages the good name of the College; or

4 itself constitutes misconduct within the terms of these Regulations; or

With regard to the eyes of the law, the following will be pursued as shown in Goldsmith University codes of conduct.

Misconduct that is also a criminal offence:

12.12 In the case of all other offences under the criminal law, no action (other than suspension or exclusion) may be taken under these Regulations unless the matter has been reported to the Police and either prosecuted or a decision not to prosecute has been taken, at which time the Warden may decide whether disciplinary action under these Regulations should continue or be taken.

As a cis-gendered white male, I am disturbed to follow this story and if this is what is being harboured in universities in receipt of endowment, further action will be taken.

Hate crime is a serious offence, we ask that you follow your rules and also the rule of law, as a university that teaches undergraduate law, we are sure you will follow it.

Does Goldsmiths University take racism seriously? Or is it only serious when it is other races than the white race being attacked?

I am sure the result of this shall pass precedent according to Goldsmiths University codes of conduct should this happen again, or if it has happened in the past, regardless of skin colour or gender, if people were involved previously shall have a case also.

I and many others are shocked to see that a student union and Goldsmiths University representative of “diversity” could be so cold, callous, vindictive as well as uneducated.

For a person that studied these issues at Goldsmiths I am quite concerned at the level of education these people are receiving and in what context.

In such regard as calling for the murder of white males on a public forum using the university Twitter account I am sure you will distance yourself as far as possible from this persons vile ideology and the best way to show your capability and morals as a university would be the direct contacting of the police. I am concerned this has bred other such peoples opinions in this environment and it seems police involvement will be necessary as Ms Mustafa stated on her “rebuttal” video that she and her colleagues are “militant idealists”.

Beyond the breaching of the Racial Hatred Act 2006 is Ms Mustafas call to kill all white men, it is in fact white people being attacked in their own streets by radicals, the murder of Lee Rigby as he walked down the road is a fine example of what can happen to someone that is in the wrong place at the wrong time and happened to come across a person that publicly expressed these type of views. Should a student of Goldsmiths University partake in any extra curricular form of hate crime or speech, we will know where it has originated.

I am not sure if you follow the news at all, but it seems inciting racial hatred on university campuses has become quite a common thing and perhaps the direct involvement of Scotland Yard and GCHQ may be essential, whether it is Ms Mustafa’s attempts to become a martyr of her cause for personal gain and infamy should be looked into but also radicalisation of students at Goldsmiths University.

Considering Ms Mustafa studied at Goldsmiths University, I would also suggest revoking her degree status, unless of course hate and calls for murder are part of what is taught in the course, I frankly find it borderline comical that you award masters status to such an uneducated person that does not understand word definition as defined by all dictionaries. I repeat the following rule broken of the 16 listed.

12.9.14 in the case of a student enrolled on a programme of study which leads to an entitlement to practise as a member of a profession, conduct which might call into question his or her suitability to practise that profession (professional fitness to practise);

With regard to the criminal proceedings to follow with, I prove the following:

Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2006

Acts intended to stir up religious hatred
29B Use of words or behaviour or display of written material

Terrorism Act 2006

1 Encouragement of terrorism
(1) This section applies to a statement that is likely to be understood by some or all of the members of the public to whom it is published as a direct or indirect encouragement or other inducement to them to the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism or Convention offences.

(2) A person commits an offence if—

(a) he publishes a statement to which this section applies or causes another to publish such a statement; and

(b) at the time he publishes it or causes it to be published, he—
(i) intends members of the public to be directly or indirectly
encouraged or otherwise induced by the statement to commit,
prepare or instigate acts of terrorism or Convention offences.

Are Goldsmiths University degrees worth what people pay for?

I worry about the future of Britain, free speech and the ability to be whom you are if this is what is being offered through the education system.

I refer to the following newspapers and websites for citation:

Daily Caller

The Independent

The Standard

Huffington Post

Metro News

Goldsmiths University Codes of Conduct

UK Government Hate Crime Reporting

Genocide Incitement Law EU

Incitement to Race Hate Crown Law

Incitement for Murder Crown Law

Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2006

Vote of no confidence

Metropolitan Police

Hate Crime Amendment #203

Terrorism Act 2006

To quote Ms Mustafa directly:

“We will not be silenced – we are militant. The world is not ready for minorities to challenge the status quo, but resistance to our resistance is futile.”

The call for the killing of a countries ethnic native people, wrapped up in a blanket of doublespeak is the last thing Britain needs.

We have had enough.

Courtesy of Pamela Geller.