‘The other side is cutting our people’s heads off’

trump waterboarding

COLUMBUS, Ohio (INTELLIHUB) — During a packed rally Monday, 2016 GOP Presidential Candidate Donald Trump asked himself a question on stage as the crowd cheered on.

Trump asked:

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“Would I approve waterboarding?”

Trump then responded to himself as a demonstration for the crowd:

“And I say […] on the other side they chop off our own people’s heads and they put them on a stick. On the other side they build these iron cages and they’ll put twenty people in them and they drop them in the [inaudible] for fifteen minutes then they pull them up fifteen minutes later.”

Trump then asked again:

“Would I approve waterboarding?”

“You bet your ass I would,” Trump said as the crowed cheered loudly.

“Don’t kid yourself folks it works. Only a stupid person would say it doesn’t work.”



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