After Paris Attacks, Beauty Salon Owner Changes Business Policy toward Muslims – Gets Arrested 2

Following the attacks in Paris, France by Islamic jihadists, British beauty salon owner April Major, 43, decided to change her business’ policies concerning those who follow Islam. In doing so, the most unjust things happened to her: She was arrested.

She took to her Facebook page and posted:

“Sorry but time to put my country first”

“Blinks of Bicester are no longer taking bookings from anyone from the Islamic faith whether you are UK granted with passport or not.”

Major, owner of Blinks of Bicester, would later post, “I have been inundated with messages tonight as I said I would not book any muslin [sic] or Islamic client. I stand by that completely as a UK citizen. However those that want to call me racialist. Think on.”

The posts were later removed, but apparently the spineless, cowardly Islamists and their sympathizers were so “offended” that they complained to local police. However, what is even more cowardly is that police responded and arrested her, charging her with being “racially abusive.”

The Thames Valley Police booked her and posted on their Facebook page:

The 43-year-old woman from Bicester, who was arrested yesterday (15/11) in connection with racially abusive comments posted on social media, has been bailed until 30 November.

She was arrested after members of the public reported the posts to the force by calling 101.”

For those unaware, 101 is the number you dial in the UK in order to report a crime.

According to a police spokesperson, Major “was arrested on Sunday under section 19 of the Public Order Act (POA) after a number of reports from members of the public.”

So, what does section 19 of the POA say?

Publishing or distributing written material.

(1)A person who publishes or distributes written material which is threatening, abusive or insulting is guilty of an offence if—

(a)he intends thereby to stir up racial hatred, or

(b)having regard to all the circumstances racial hatred is likely to be stirred up thereby.

(2)In proceedings for an offence under this section it is a defence for an accused who is not shown to have intended to stir up racial hatred to prove that he was not aware of the content of the material and did not suspect, and had no reason to suspect, that it was threatening, abusive or insulting.

(3)References in this Part to the publication or distribution of written material are to its publication or distribution to the public or a section of the public.

I see nothing in the posts that are racial hatred or any intent to stir it up. These are bogus charges from politically correct and totalitarian minded thought police that have no business in the West.

The police have since removed the post, but let’s get at the heart of the matter. This is nothing more than tyranny against a business owner who made a policy decision about her business. She did not want anyone from the Islamic faith in her business. She did not specify ethnicity; she specified ideology! How can the ban of people of a certain ideology be “racially abusive”? It can’t.

In fact, it can be no more “racially abusive” than saying you will not allow people who are practicing nudists to enter your establishment or those who believe they should wear their pants around their knees and show everyone their underwear. Both have a particular ideology behind them and they are not specific to any ethnicity.

Sgt Steve Dixon said: “Thames Valley police treats all allegations of racial aggravation very seriously and will always take steps to investigate them. Anyone who has information about such offences should call the 24-hour police inquiry line on 101.”

Really? Someone should ask Sgt. Dixon why he and his fellow Brits allowed Islamic jihad imam Anjem Choudary to openly call for the death of people like Pamela Geller, and teach what the Quran teaches about Jews and Christians. Oh, that’s right, then it would be about ideologies, right? Not ethnicities. That would be right of course, but since Islamic law is not Common law, which is based upon Biblical law, it is an ideology that is opposed to the foundations of the cultures of the West.

Major was released on bail until November 30.

Courtesy of Freedom Outpost.

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