This is a companion post to “Paris terrorist attacks: Strange behavior of 2 women at Café Nostra“.

On November 13, 2015, ISIS terrorists simultaneously attacked several public places in Paris, France, killing anywhere from 125 to 300 people.

One of the places is the Casa Nostra café & pizza restaurant in Rue de la Fontaine au Roi, which was attacked at 9:29 pm.

Daily Mail published the video footage from Casa Nostra’s security camera, which was uploaded to YouTube by HowISeeIt on Nov. 23, 2015.

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HowISeeIt claims that a puff of white smoke outside the café came from a firecracker thrown by a woman who then dashes into the café and hides behind the counter. I took a screenshot from the video (see below) and painted a yellow arrow pointing at “firecracker woman”. ↓

Cafe Nostra

Here she is crouched down behind the counter, presumably to conceal herself from the gunman — behaviors you would expect from a victim of a terrorist attack. ↓

firecracker woman

I was dubious about the claim that the woman had tossed a firecracker because I didn’t see her doing that in the video.

Thanks to FOTM reader bongiornoc, who pointed me to another video from HowISeeIt — a segment from the first video, in slow motion, which clearly shows the woman tossing a firecracker into Casa Nostra through the broken window of the café door.

Here are screenshots I took from the slow-mo video:

firecracker woman1firecracker woman2firecracker woman3firecracker woman4

Now why would a woman, who threw a firecracker into a café, run into the very same café and hide behind the counter?

This woman is no victim. She is a false-flag operative.

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