MSNBC Host Furious at Publication of Tashfeen Malik’s Photo Because it Could Offend Muslims

Melissa Harris-Perry slams NY Times for showing terrorist’s face

MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry was furious at the New York Times’ decision to publish a photograph of San Bernardino terrorist Tashfeen Malik, fearing that the image could offend Muslims.

After Linda Sarsour, executive director of the Arab Association of New York, complained about the newspaper publishing an image of a Koran found inside the terrorists’ home, Harris-Perry went further down the rabbit hole of politically correct lunacy.

“That image and then right next to it an image of the shooting suspect there in a hijab – and the idea that OK, this is what terrorism looks like,” said Harris-Perry, arguing that such treatment was only given to “specific communities”.

In the case of Malik, it’s exactly what terrorism looks like – she helped Sayed Farook brutally gun down 14 people and injure 21 more. Some even suspect that Malik was responsible for radicalizing her husband and that she was the ringleader of the attack.

Harris-Perry was not alone in her consternation that the media dared to publish a picture of the female shooter. Al Jazeera’s Hashim Said asserted that showing Malik’s face without a Burqa was “disrespectful”.

Some have also speculated that the delay in publishing Malik’s photo could have been motivated by political correctness in that news outlets were wary about showing her uncovered face.

As we previously highlighted, the left is once again resorting to politically correct mental gymnastics in a desperate bid to avoid a discussion about Islamic terrorism.

A New York Daily News columnist blamed one of the victims of the attackNicholas Thalasinos – for the massacre because he had an argument about politics with Farook before the rampage.

Others have speculated that Farook was triggered by a Christmas party or the fact that his co-workers made fun of his beard.

Sarsour also complained that the media were only interested in Malik and Farook’s home because they were Muslim, and that the press didn’t pry into the private life of Dylann Roof. This of course is complete nonsense, the inside of Roof’s trailer was the subject of numerous media reports after the Charleston shooting.




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