Users flood Twitter with call for Trump’s assassination


While the media has framed Donald Trump’s rhetoric as hateful and inflammatory, leftists on Twitter reacted to the Republican frontrunner’s comments on Muslim immigration by calling for Trump to be killed.

Trump is embroiled in controversy once again after he called for a temporary total ban on all Muslim immigration. After first suggesting that even Muslim-Americans would be barred from re-entering the country, Trump’s campaign clarified that the policy would only apply to non-citizens.

During a CNN appearance, host Chris Cuomo asked Trump if he was a “fascist,” while MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough cut off Trump during a feisty exchange.

Despite him surviving and thriving on every past controversy (his politically incorrect comments only ever seem to broaden his support), many commentators are speculating that this could finally be a step too far for Trump.

However, illustrating how many on the left will accuse their ideological adversaries of being hateful and violent while themselves engaging in violent and hateful rhetoric, numerous people took to Twitter to call for Trump’s assassination.

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These comments again highlight the fact that, whatever you think of Trump, the notion that the “right-wing” has a monopoly on unhinged individuals who engage in violent rhetoric is a complete fallacy.

Back in October it was revealed that Trump would receive agent protection from the Secret Service after an increase in death threats. Danial Scavino, Jr., Trump’s senior adviser, said he didn’t think the threats were “funny”.



Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison