Opposing the beheading of gays and the stoning of women is a ‘hate crime’


In Saudi Arabia, people who criticize Islam are beheaded.

Apart from ISIS jihadists, the people who are most likely to sympathize with using state force to silence criticism of religion appear to be self-proclaimed western “liberals”.

After I made a video in which I explained that executing gay people and stoning women to death was a bad thing, and that this may indicate Islam is not a very “peaceful” religion, someone on Facebook reported me to the police for committing a hate crime.

“You do realize that spreading hate is illegal in the UK….I’ve reported you stupidity to facebook, the police, and several online hate crime organizations. Best of luck in the future ya tool,” wrote the individual.

That’s right, suggesting that people who leave the religion of Islam probably shouldn’t have their heads chopped off is now not just ‘offensive’ to leftists, it’s an opinion for which I deserve to be thrown in a cage.

Watch the video for yourself. Even inside the dangerously deluded mind of a politically correct-obsessed leftist, there is nothing that could even remotely be considered hate speech.

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But the United Kingdom is populated by people who will sign a petition in the hundreds of thousands to ban Donald Trump from entering the country for his thoughts on stemming Muslim immigration while saying nothing about Anjem Choudary, a radical Islamist who routinely appears on British television to express his support for terrorist attacks and the Islamic State, as well as his desire to see all homosexuals stoned to death.

The United Kingdom is run by a government which treats radio host Michael Savage as a security threat with zero justification while local councils across the country cover-up Muslim pedophile rings for fear of appearing ‘politically incorrect’.

The United Kingdom is a place where politicians are being arrested for reading out Winston Churchill quotes in public while Abu Qatada, once described as the spiritual head of Al-Qaeda in Europe, is allowed to stay in the country for over a decade at an expense to taxpayers of around £3 million pounds.

The United Kingdom is a place where British citizens who plan to attend ‘draw Muhammad’ cartoon contests are arrested, while Islamists who walk around central London waving ISIS flags are set free.

This once again underscores the fact that so-called “progressives” aren’t progressive at all – they’re authoritarians who share many of the same beliefs as jihadists – who think that anyone who criticizes Islam should be silenced – by force if necessary.

It’s little wonder that the Islamic State’s recently uncovered manifesto brags about how it plans to recruit left-wingers to achieve its goals. Indeed, after the Charlie Hebdo massacre, many on the left sided with the jihadists in agreeing that it was the cartoonists’ fault for ‘provoking’ the special snowflake terrorists whose feelings were obviously hurt.

Meanwhile, with the petition to ban Trump passing 250,000 signatures, it’s fantastic to see that the United Kingdom is finally about to crack down on violent, intolerant and hateful speech. Oh wait…..

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