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The running dogs on the left are frothing at the mouth over my Loretta Lynch remarks on the Joyce Kaufman Show.

In an interview Wednesday with popular Florida radio host (and woman warrior) Joyce Kaufman, we discussed Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s pledge to Muslim groups that she would prosecute “anti-Muslim” rhetoric. That was the Obama administration’s take away from the San Bernardino jihad slaughter. Sharia enforcement. I said to Joyce, if some idiot did something stupid and had Atlas Shrugs in his browser history, then by all accounts, Lynch could arrest me based on this new policy. And I declared,  “Come and get me, biatch.”

Well, left -wing smear sites, are choking on their bile over this one:

Pamela Geller Says Loretta Lynch Will Arrest Her: ‘Come And Get Me, Biatch’
Submitted by Miranda Blue on Wednesday, 12/9/2015

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Geller, of course, saw this as a threat that Lynch would arrest her if someone commits a violent act after reading her Atlas Shrugs blog. “I have one thing to say,” she said, “Come and get me, biatch.”

“If the Obama administration wants to go to war against freedom, wants to arrest me for my unalienable rights guaranteed under the First Amendment, I’m going to put on my little black dress, Joyce, my string of pearls and my thigh-highs and I’m going to head on down to the jail,” she added.

Kaufman then volunteered to be Geller’s cellmate, saying that she doesn’t want America to become like Sweden, which she claimed “never had rape until they allowed an incalculable amount of Muslim immigration.”


I am not providing a link to that fever swamp.

DC Caller’s Christian Datoc wrote it up here. He’s got a link to the audio

Pamela Geller To Loretta Lynch — ‘Come And Get Me, Biy*tch!’ [AUDIO]

Conservative political commentator Pamela Geller tore into Loretta Lynch in a Wednesday interview.

Geller — who was the target of the Garland, Texas terror attacks — told radio host Joyce Kaufman that Lynch’s proclamation that she would “prosecute anti-Muslim rhetoric” post San-Benardino [sic] is a call for sharia law in the wake of an act of jihad terror.

Read the rest.

Courtesy of Pamela Geller.