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“The focus of the lesson is said to be on the Islamic achievements in medicine, science, and mathematics and its domination after the decline of the Roman Empire.” Nonsense.
This is not a lesson. This is propaganda void of historical accuracy and truth. And it’s being rammed down our children’s throats.

This is hardly new; I wrote of it in 2012. This is a big lie that the schools, museums and the media have indoctrinated hundreds of thousands of children with, giving them a rosy and romanticized view of Islam that makes them less appreciative of their own culture’s achievements and more complacent about Islamization in the West.

And now we see historical revisionism take on a new life, as history is scrubbed and manufactured Muslim myths are presented as fact.  It is almost unfailingly dishonest.

Where is the lesson on Jewish contributions to humanity (compare Jewish Nobel Peace Prize to Muslim Peace Prizes — it’s a joke)?  What about Christian contributions? Or Hindu? Or Buddhist?

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Read this and this.

The bottom line: the inventions and discoveries attributed to the Muslim world were actually stolen from conquered peoples. This is not history, it is propaganda. And kudos to the parents who are opting out of this garbage.

Scan above: Depiction of Muhammad with the Quran and the sword from Britannica World Book, 1965, before the infiltration of islamic supremacists into academia etc.

Middle School Allowing Students to Opt Out of Lesson on Islam, By Trey Sanchez, Truth Revolt, December 13, 2014

“Oh god…white people have got to stop.”

Ohio middle schoolers are being allowed to opt out of taking a social studies lesson on Islam if their parents make the request.

The school’s superintendent told Buzzfeed that he made the decision “due to a number of anti-Muslim incidents, seventh graders may opt out of a small part of the state’s social studies curriculum.”

The superintendent, Keith Horner, insisted that he is not recommending this option to students, but will leave it up to the parents. The focus of the lesson is said to be on the Islamic achievements in medicine, science, and mathematics and its domination after the decline of the Roman Empire.

People responded harshly on social media; some even blamed white people [strong language alert]:

“They aren’t trying to convert the children they are giving a history lesson just like they would about the Christian, Jewish, Catholic and so many other religions that are out there. We need to stop being so hateful towards people just because they don’t share our same looks, beliefs, traditions, cultures or even views in life. We can not re-write history. Opting out of taking a history lesson on the Islamic Religion will only make you child just as ignorant as you. We are trying to create a better future not hold our children back!”

“So a school system here in Ohio has announced that due to white children and their parents being “sensitive,” they could opt out of learning about historical Islam influences after the fall of the Roman empire in the 7th grade social studies class. Yeah. Instead of being sensitive to the feelings of Muslims who live here, we’re being sensitive to white fragility. Get the ever living fuck out of here! Not that it’ll do any good, but I’m going to give them some shit, and I recommend you do the same.”

“Oh god…white people have got to stop.”

“Sadly I am more afraid of the ignorance and ego that is destroying our great nation than the terrorists that want to destroy us – in truth, they just have to sit back and wait.”

“OMG….this has all gotten so blown out of proportion…if the can “opt out” of learning about Islam then what is next…opting out of whatever parents find offensive? Buddhism, communism, socialism, Judaism, etc…we are now on a further path on raising uninformed illiterate children! So very disheartening and sad. As a history teacher…all I can say is thank goodness I don’t teach anymore…especially in Ohio!”

“I strongly disagree with this.
I had to study the Holocaust , despite several members of my dad’s family dying in a concentration camp. They ere Ditch and were found hiding a neighboring Jewish family. Everyone died.
I cried a lot during those lessons, but I also learned a great deal about how nearly a whole nation feel in step with a monster in an attempt to destroy an entire group of people for their religion..
If we allow people to remain ignorant just because they may have”feels” then our nation will simply continue (even faster) down the dumb-a-fi-cation path we are already so determined to be on.”

“Wapak… seriously pathetic. this is so ignorant to give the option on opting out of something that they should be learning…. how can you hate something so much when you don’t even know anything about it…. not everyone who practices islam is bad, just like not all christians are good. but you better believe you shove it down everyone’s throats and have since the native americans… “

Courtesy of Pamela Geller.