While Republicans are busy beating the war drums in GOP debates, Hillary Clinton is apparently having to tend to important matters of her own.

Like reassuring voters that no, she is not Satan.

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At least, that’s what she claims.

Via the NY Post:

WASHINGTON — Hillary Clinton sought to set the record straight Wednesday – she’s not Satan.

Campaigning in red-state Nebraska, the Democratic presidential front-runner encouraged a friendly audience of some 800 people to spread the word to their GOP friends.

“First thing you can tell them, as best as you can tell looking [at me] under the lights, I don’t have horns,” Clinton said.

As best we can tell under the lights? Is she saying we just need to shine a brighter spotlight on her because the horns are kinda small or they’re just blending in with her hair or something?

Not once, but twice Hillary had to reassure people she isn’t the devil. In the same day. On tape.

It must be something that comes up a lot for her.

The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

Come on. Even TIME Magazine knows what’s up.

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