Church in Mönchengladbach

This is Europe, not the Middle East. *Crickets chirping* in parliaments, political chambers and newsrooms across the world.

Will the islamofauxbia never end? Meanwhile, across the pond, the intrepid FBI is chasing down the bacon-bandito.

“Sh*tty Christians”: Belligerent Muslim youths storm a Christmas service at a Church in Mönchengladbach

»Scheiß Christen«: Randalierende Muslime stürmen in Mönchengladbach eine Kirche – Kopp Online

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Only one of the youths was even 14 years old, the other 5 were just young children. Nonetheless, they behaved like adult radical extremists. The young Muslims stormed the Rheydter Marien Church in Mönchengladbach on Christmas Eve. They interrupted the manger festival by running through the halls during the service, all the while yelling and cursing at churchgoers saying, “Shitty Christians!” And what happened after that? Not much beyond a small article in a local paper.

Imagine it were the other way around: wild Christian children storming into a mosque and abusing praying Muslims! 50 minutes later there would have been an emergency news break during the daily television programming…special edition pages in FAZ and the Süddeutsche Zeitung would have gone to press.

The  reflex of the mainstream media? It was Muslims so all is silent…there were only a few who showed civil courage in the church. One of the church members nabbed two of the children in the heat of the moment. Later a police detail released the two to their parents at a nearby McDonalds.

pastor Manfred Riethdorf

The pastor Manfred Riethdorf (Photo: right) doesn’t want to let the matter go so lightly, and files a formal complaint against the 14-yr-old for disturbance of the peace. This is likely because he doesn’t believe it was just a stupid youthful prank.

“Shitty Christians.” And especially at Christmas? How do these young Muslims know what their actions will invoke? Their parents or other adults must have infected them with this knowledge.

If adult Muslims had stormed the church, they would not have been let off so easily without punishment. Against minor children one cannot do much. Is this all a coincidence or were the children sent like an instrument of religious extremism?

Upon direct questioning, the police refused to confirm the religious background of the young offenders. The pastor himself energetically replied: “I explained clearly to them, how one should act in a church. Possibly tomorrow I will try to establish contact with their parents to discuss this event with them and their children.”

The police have not shown as much initiative. The relationship between Christians and Muslims in Mönchengladbach is tense, otherwise this would not have happened, but up until now the media have still not reported on the event.

Official Muslim leaders have said nothing and the local politicians are silent. No one wants to throw oil on a fire.

Silence is falsely understood consideration. To talk about the issue would call integration politics into question. There would be an international media echo if Germany tried to discuss (such behavior) of Muslims gone wild.

One must also see: He who presses (the issue), will confirm the fears of “concerned citizens.” They feel that life with Muslims in Germany has become more difficult, but one does not talk about it. Now so called “concerned citizens” see their worries again confirmed.
(Note – “concerned citizens” or “besorgte Bürger” is a buzz word in Germany for right-wing extremists)

Another article (here) suggests that Pastor Riethdorf suggests this incident should lead to a community culture of discussion.

Yes, more inter-faith dialogue. That’s the ticket.

Courtesy of Pamela Geller.